Export curbs in line with WTO rules, says China


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The Chinese can never be trusted as they write their own rules and believe them as fact just like their maps. They will never admit wrong and with any ruling they will disregard them just like the South China Sea ruling. Then they will start to threaten all. China is a not a team player and their end goal is domination of teh word and the red Flag of communism will fly over the whole world.

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Allowing China into the WTO has been a huge mistake. Giving them a free pass into the WTO in hopes that it would force them to start playing by the rules was a massive gamble that clearly hasn't worked out.

Even the western corporations that pushed for China's membership are now starting to see that access to Chinese domestic market is closed and the profits they expected haven't materialised. Apart from cheap plastic toys and iphones, we've seen none of the benefits of Chinese WTO membership but we've had to live with all of the negative consequences.

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According to many sources, China is on track to receive market economy status from the WTO later this year. When they do the floodgates will be open to massive Chinese dumping of goods on the World markets. Western manufacturers and brands will be hard pressed to match the low prices offered by Chinese goods and risk being swept away. Already cheap Chinese smartphones offer attractive alternatives to major brands but at typically one third of the price. Cheap Chinese made motorcycles are half the price of their Japanese made counterparts. As someone who remembers when Cheap Japanese cars swept away traditional British and European cars in the 1970’s the similarities are undeniable. Japanese cars of the 70’s were not great, but they were cheap enough to take a gamble on and once their foothold was established, they went from strength to strength. China has the raw materials, man power and manufacturing resources to wipe the floor with Western based companies.

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Japanese cars of the 70’s were not great

Austin Allegro, anyone?

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"But China’s trade authorities defended the curbs, saying they were meant to protect the environment and comply with WTO rules."

You know, that is so hilarious on its own, a 'comment' could not top it.

Environment. Rules. South China Sea. Time to rename that sea... any ideas?

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We've seen them restrict rare earths before. This is an obvious reaction to the recent ruling against China on its illegal activities in the South China Sea. Time to kick China out of the WTO or impose sanctions. The more the world sucks on the teet of Chinese money, the more it exposes itself to these situations.

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The best test of honesty is for US and the Europeans to allow China to ship the raw materials, much like Australia ship rare earth ores to Malaysia for processing. Let China Dump the toxic byproducts into US and European soil and export from there. Set up a FTZ for this processing. If finished product is not competitive, it is US and European problem due to their own stringent environment and labor laws. China will then have shown good faith she is not trying to cut off supplies or jack up the prices with export duty. Let European and American customers pay more for the finished product that is processed on their soil.

WTO allow environmental consideration.

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