FAA opens Boeing safety review amid reports of pressure


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Beyond STUPID!

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The inspectors are Boeing employees. That was a huge mistake by the FAA. Who says it's not in bed with Boeing? Now, after being called out, the FAA is backpedalling.

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The inspectors might have done a better job if they were reporting to Boeing instead of the faa

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many feel unable to share their concerns.

safety inspectors are employed by Boeing

In an investigation into the ability to openly express concerns without fear of repercussions

interference with their work and said the structure created a conflict of interest,


if boeing inspectors spoke out, they can kiss goodbye to ever working again.


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Federal law authorizes FAA to delegate to a qualified individual or organization the ability to conduct certain activities on behalf of the agency. In recent successive Acts, Congress directed FAA to streamline certification, including increased delegation to Organization Designation Authorizations (ODAs).


Boeing abused the trust of the law and FAA.

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if boeing inspectors spoke out, they can kiss goodbye to ever working again.

Exactly. Boeing found a way to intimidate, threaten and coerce the inspectors.

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Considering the duopoly nature of aviation industry, and Boeing suffering no long term consequences for 737 MAX, it is just a matter of time before Boeing ignore safety for profits again.

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