FamilyMart launches new food brand after controversy over 'Okasan Shokudo' name


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Wow.... onigiri just like [a person] used to make!

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Hosomi covering his but* even if the rebranding were contemplated before the high school girls’ petition. It would have gone down better if he were to say something like, the high school girls’ petition was helpful.

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Do Japanese have supermarket, most small town have supermarket, I shop at HEB,it a chain in Texas, they supply our city Google HEB

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Storm in a tea cup, a few thousand high school students trained to be indignant over nothing

Welcome to a society built on Critical Theory where everything can be perceived as a problem

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"Okasan Shokudo"

People are getting into an uproar over this? Almost everybody loves their "mom's homestyle cooking." If you can't brand your products this way, then the "woke disease" has crept into Japan much deeper than I imagined.

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I'd rather people get into an uproar over the quality of food in convenience stores. Aside from the prices, there is hardly ever anything healthy.

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If men still have the idea that women should do house work, they are expecting too much. Family mart have old men mentality and must change.

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Okasan shokudo has a better ring to it than Otosan shokudo. That would more likely raise a few more eyebrows. I wonder who did the cooking at home for those high school girls. Mum probably.

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 an old man asking a mother who was about to buy a prepared potato salad at a deli why she "can't even make a potato salad."

Because every household with children needs two incomes to survive thanks to people from his generation.

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Should we not be promoting two-parent homes where the children are nurtured by their mother??? And taught home upkeep and protection by their father???

Better still, two-parent homes where the children are nurtured by both parents and taught home upkeep by both parents.

Plus being taught all kinds of other intellectual, physical and social skills by both parents.

It's called balance.

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"Okasan Shokudo" -- meaning mother's diner -- drew criticism for potentially causing a bias that women should cook for their families.

So let's break it down. A "bias" is defined as a tendency to believe that some people, ideas, etc., are better than others that usually results in treating some people unfairly. So in this case the bias is that women cook better for their families than men. So who is treated unfairly by this? In all the families in Japan that I know of, the mother cooks. The father would either not have time or is just a crappy cook, also cooking regularly improves skill and efficiency. So the true victim of this bias seems to be mothers that do not cook for their families and thus feel offended or pressured to cook, and fathers who do (or want to) cook for their families who may be excluded from cooking. Unfortunately I think this situation will remain the same so long as men get home on the last train and would just be serving up instant ramen to the kids at midnight every night.

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Maybe they should worry more about getting better coffee, first.

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