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Fast Retailing reports record first-quarter performance


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I’m sure the employees will appreciate the raises they have coming…

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as warm autumn weather hit demand for winter outfits.

If they sold autumn clothes throughout autumn and winter clothes throughout winter, their Japan sales would have grown instead of shrunk. When they get rid of their current season stock and replace it with next season stock (like selling coats in August), there's hardly any customers in the stores.

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Honestly haven't bought clothes in a while since I don't care about my appearance with a mask on all day. I do still buy those amazing heat-techs. One of those and a sweater is all I need during the winter. They also started selling heat-tech blankets which I might pick up.

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Why not, they have a intelligent Yanai san.

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@Septim Dynasty

Unlike MUJI, Fast retailing doesn't use XinJiang's cotton. Fast retailing always keeps screening for Human rights abuses in the supply chain. It's just that Tadashi Yanai isn't vocal on the Xinjiang only to not disrupt operations in Key markets.

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Staff in UK (bad customer service) gets more salary than staff in Japan (very good customer service).

No fair. That need to be changed.

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They have a comprehensive list of suppliers and contractors on their website. Check and make your own judgement.

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Has the company already been clear of the allegation of Uighur forced labours' expoitation?

The company, one of the world's top apparel retailers, kept its net profit forecast for the year to August 2022 unchanged at 175 billion yen -- a three-percent increase from the previous year's record figure.

Its results have also been boosted by the depreciation of the yen, which recently hit a five-year low against the dollar.

Wait, they are now considering raising the price on products due to the cheaper yen. Why not re-distribute profits to customers or employees thanks to the cheaper yen? I see a serius beach or hypocricty.


2022/01/14 08:04


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Very nice!

Thanks Yanai-san!

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Thanks to Xinjiang's cottons!


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