Fast Retailing to raise salary for new recruits by 20% in 2020


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" considering a wage hike for employees who entered before this April" stating you are going to raise salaries for new employees and only considering for present employees, must leave those employed at present with a bad feeling towards the company, any raises at any corporate company should be for all, and not a select few.

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Great to see, but it really should be company wide as above if I worked there for 10 years and now know a new worker is getting 20% more salery. Little bit thinking the wa is gone. But alone it will bend the statistics to a favourable vomit for Abenomics.

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If Japan doesn't move quickly, they will not only see brain drain from the countryside, but also the Metropolises. Those with the talent and enough proficiency in English will look for greener pastures. These upper talents are much harder to replace with someone who doesn't have the knack for the nuances of Japanese and mastery of Kanji. Beware Japan. You need to get serious about turning that corner.

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Same Japanese company paying salary to their overseas office more than in Japan.

Who will change this culture???

Don't you think here in Japan the working people are just near to slave???

I know some company increases 10 yen/hour for their part time workers.

Owao....big hike!!!

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Uniqlo profits made off the back of factory slaves in China, so they can afford to spend on biz dev team back home..

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A step in the right direction.

"most major firms in Japan offered last month a smaller pay-scale hike than the previous year amid uncertainty over the outlook of the global economy."

When is there ever "certainty" in this context. Even when share prices and profits where recently at historical highs, the corporates cried about "uncertainty" and suppressed wages.

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Not bad. 21K GBP, better than my starting Salary when I was a University leaver. But, what about hiking salaries across the board for all "blue" collar workers of all Ages and for other non-execs too ?

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How on earth do people live on ¥225,000 per month. Live, as opposed to simply survive, I mean?

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In Japan, the academic year ends in March and many companies start their business year from April.

Many? In Japan both the fiscal and academic year ends in March and EVERY Japanese company starts the new fiscal year in April!

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How on earth do people live on ¥225,000 per month. Live, as opposed to simply survive, I mean?

First off, you gotta be in Tokyo, by this comment alone! Get outside of Tokyo and find out about the "rest" of Japan! It's annoying when people make comments like this, gives the impression that they only think "Tokyo" is Japan and the rest doesnt count!

That is their base pay, add on different allowances and this goes up quite a bit, Their commuter allowance alone will probably be in the neighborhood of 20,000 to 30,000 yen per month.

Next I wonder if you even knew that there are plenty of FAMILIES in Japan that are living on wages like that, FAMILIES! These are new hires, first jobs for the most of them, what would you do? Pay them like they are managers or working there for decades?

You seem to have little idea of the wages or wage scales here in Japan, you should do a little research.

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I can survive on less than that starting salary, not easy though...

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How on earth do people live on ¥225,000 per month. Live, as opposed to simply survive, I mean?

In addition to the base pay they will also get: their season tickets paid for, maybe 4-6 months of salary each year as a bonus, a housing allowance (or a very cheap room in a company dormitory). They can also get an allowance for dependents (wife / children), perhaps some extra money if they live in an "expensive" area like Tokyo etc. If they are lucky they might even get paid for some overtime!

Overall, it's not too bad for a 22 year-old graduate and it will go up as they gain experience.

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Quote, "How on earth do people live on ¥225,000 per month. Live, as opposed to simply survive, I mean?"

My J pension is way less than that. It has taken over five years to wind everything back to try and stay within the budget. Still not truly there yet. But young recruits generally do not yet have a family, house, car etc.

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