China's largest EV maker eyes control of Southeast Asia market

By Ryuichi Kadota

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Warren Buffet sold his BYD shares and a lot of other investors followed suit, so it is getting difficult for BYD to make investments.

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Meanwhile Ford is withdrawing from "overserved markets" and will soon only sell cars in the USA.

The tide has turned.

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Little Kei Car markets heading for major disruption, as consumers like clean, quiet and cheap with no more time spent at dirty gas stations or getting oil changed!

Governments like reducing oil imports, clean air and fewer medical problems as result!

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Japan has lost the SEA market, and soon it will lose the entire auto industry! Following the footsteps of the display and electronics industry!!!

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(1) No one has ever associated Chinese-made with "reliable". These people are in for some bad surprises. They don't sell outside of China for a reason

"Throughout the years, the structural integrity of Chinese cars has been tested over and over, but they have often been found to lag far behind their contemporaries from other countries."

(2) While it may work in Thailand, they' may find it difficult to sell cars to people on one hand and steal their islands in the Pacific on the other...just saying'

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BYD have started sales in Japan too,I went to see Atto3 at dealers shop some 2 wks ago.

car better than looks on photo,quality also good.reliability-future will tell.

price a bit high but competition in Japan still small.

will see how it will go as BYD have plan bring 2 or 3 new models to Japan by end of this year...

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(1) No one has ever associated Chinese-made with "reliable

No one has ever associated Japanese made with "reliable“- US Automakers 1970

things change and they change fast

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The Russian car market was forced to change dramatically over the past year. European brand became more expensive so many Russians opted to try the much cheaper Chinese alternatives. Many were worried about quality and reliability. Sadly for Benz, Audi, BMW etc they worries have been proved to be unnecessary.

BYD, Geely and other brands are going to be the future

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BYD, Geely and other brands are going to be the future

I'm sure you were saying Lada was going to be the car of the future as well.

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