Photo: Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau

Fukuoka shaping up to be Japan's startup capital

By Ryotaro Nakamaru

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Nice. The further away from Tokyo the better

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Its a start up city for foreigners????

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Osaka wa?

but just next to South Korea.

go there. Yatai street food is the best!

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That is doubly true for foreigners, who under the regulatory reforms can expedite the visa application process. For example, they can bypass the requirement to have both funding of at least 5 million yen and at least two full-time employees.

That is pretty interesting. mmm

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Thank you JT! Booking my flight to Fukuoka today to investigate. I've always thought Fukuoka was so convenient to navigate and love walking on the beachfront. I think it is time to investigate the start up opportunities.

I've marketed my IT projects to companies in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Kyushu, but the people in Kyushu always seem to really listen to my proposals and have given the first orders.

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Osaka wa?

Agree the food is good in Osaka, but the business culture is still inward looking. I've had a number of the smaller companies refuse orders because they were afraid to receive purchase orders in English! Fukuoka is easy to get around and the beach nearby as a place for reflecting and thinking about ideas reminds me of Seattle! I'll have to check out the cafes!

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Fukuoka certainly has a lot going for it- not as crowded as the usual suspects, but almost all of benefits of a big city. Nationally-famous food, high-speed rail links, an NPB team, great access to Asia through its incredibly convenient airport [only a 5 minute subway ride to the city center], nightlife, shopping, lots of nature nearby... What's not to like?

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Any relation to the Earthquake and the number of start-ups ?

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