Japanese firms worried about business impact as Myanmar unrest grows

By Yuka Nakao

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Japanese firms worried about business impact as Myanmar unrest grows

But don’t give a crap about the bodies in the streets. Nice priorities.

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Japan should admit that its old glory days in Asia are over. Even if Myanmar gets back to stability, then there will be no guarantee that Japanese firms can survive in the highly competitive markets with China and other ASEAN nations. The COVID-19 is just an inconvenient event that destroys Japan INC when it is already on its life support by the J-govt.

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So exploiting foreign workers by paying them less is seen as good while it forgets all political involvements and removing the countries' possibilities to evolve.

Japan, wake up please.

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If there were a way to shift some of those overseas jobs back to Japan, now would be a good time.

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So, all Japanese companies care about is their Japanese staff and the bottom line?


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Japanese companies, whether operating there or tapping the country for skilled or low-wage workers, are worrying about the long-term impact on their business strategies.

change the last two words "business strategies" to "fat pay checks" for the board members.

The companies should have known, when the army was voted out of political office they would not leave.

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Typical japanese response. Don't give a darn about the people who are fighting to be free, but put all the concern into the factories and profits.

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