Japanese firms hiring more people with mental health issues


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Kazuaki Hagiwara suffers from a schizophrenic condition but works as a back-office section chief at Transcosmos Inc., an outsourcing service company in Tokyo in the information technology field. The section consists of workers with disabilities.

Glad he found work, but these types of "information technology" jobs, another name for a call center, which is what Transcosmos Inc is, can be very stressful environments too.

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Perhaps these firms should consider that they may be the cause of mental illness, and take preventative measures as well.

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Japanese firms hiring more people with mental health issues

This scenario is impossible to avoid considering that 27% of Japanese adults have some kind of mental illness. Combine this with a shrinking population, labor shortage and the complete failure of the Abe government to increase childcare facilities to get women back in the workforce this scenario is totally inevitable. In other countries, these mentally ill people would be on welfare or pensions and receiving treatment and counselling for their illnesses, but in Japan, they send them to work. TIJ!

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Red sun's: what do you propose? Parking them somewhere?

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Glad that this becomes in effect soon.

Many people with chronic depression, etc that are capable and willing to work but get shunned like LGBT applying for a job.

My last company had many wheel-chair bound staff and 6-monhly mental assessment Tests.

Finding employment can also help making dealing with their disability easier. Of course everything needs to be done on a case by case basis.

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Japan loves coming up with cosmetic changes for changes sake. Until really digging into the issue with real intent,there will be no substantive change.Politicians don't really care about those people's plights.

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