No-spectator Olympics dashes sporting goods makers' promotional hopes


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Best not to attach your brand to these Olympics* anyway.

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For have no sympathy for any sponsor that refused to speak against the games even when it became obvious they represent a serious risk for the pandemic to get out of control.

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Ah, gee, Corporate is disappointed. Well, they can get in line behind a great many disappointed folks. Since the Games are clearly going on under whatever conditions, it may be time for the naysayers to just shut up and get behind whatever efforts can be made to pull them off with the least possible risk to everyone involved. If we had been smart and fair monkeys and not listened to the parasites pushing us to ignore the pandemic when it was clear we had a long term crisis, we might have canceled the Olympics but given the 2024 Olympics to Japan and simply moved everyone else 4 years further along. Too easy a solution for us, I suppose. We'd rather believe lies until suddenly we realize we have been lemmings following blind 'leaders' over the edge into disaster. This, actually, is NORMAL collective Human behavior and has been for the 5000+ years of written Human history and certainly much longer than that. sigh

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A moment of silence, to shed a tear for these conglomerate companies as they lose 10s of 1000s of yen on their deals……..

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Damn. I geuss well have to focus on athletic excellence instead of corporate brand awareness.

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.. and you just know that every unsold branded item is going into landfill .. shame they cant be rebranded or upcycled and be given to people who actually NEED the things .. more waste ..

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The I O C dont care about such things. They will have their cash, thank you.

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No-spectator Olympics dashes sporting goods makers' promotional hopes

It does not have much to do with having or not spectators in the stadium. The Tokyo Olympics are hitting a record level of unpopularity, period!

In any supermarket in my neighborhood I would have to search to find a Tokyo 2020 Olympic-logo on any kind of item. Funny, last year we didn't have the Olympics and the were everywhere...

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"Best not to attach your brand to these Olympics* anyway."

and Beijing 2022 is ok?

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Asahi super dry is about the only brand with Olympics I see on the packaging in my local supermarkets.

connivence stores near the national stadium have a fair amount of Olympic merchandise. Shelf’s completely full and no one looking at them. I guess they hope some foreign games related visitors to the stadium will buy them in their lunch breaks… if they are allowed of the venue?

Which seeems they are, already a lot of ‘Olympic pass/ID’ wearing foreigners walking around the area taking photos of everything, and many not wearing a mask.

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As the Olympics turn into a bigger and bigger mess and hospitalizations in Tokyo grow more and more companies will stop their TV ads and support

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