Persian rug makers eye new market in Japan as U.S. sanctions bite

By Hiroyasu Takayama

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‘Thank the gods’ Motegi was able to broker something significant in talks with Iran last week. “Motegi discussed regional tensions (and rugs?) with new Iranian president.”

“Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi welcomed Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi at his office in Tehran on Sun. Photo: Iranian Presidency Office via AP

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I believe some of the Stans in Central Asia also produce traditional hand woven carpets and you won’t be funding a rogue states nuclear weapons programme!

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Persian rugs are anupgrade to those dismal, worn-out carpets the LDP recently embarrassed the people’s beloved Emperor with during Olympic VIP greetings.

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There are also plenty of rugs that need replacing in the Diet, as soon as possible.

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Interesting how Iran's culture is being promoted.

Top quality products anyway, the cheap ones are most likely Afghan so don't skimp

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Persian rugs market is like the art industry and fashion industry. There are a lot of fakes out there, and very few people know the difference.

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I have 4 pieces of Persian silk rug, tree of life with gold threaded 2000 knot per sq ins 3x5, Isfahan 3x5, Hamadam 3x5 and Tarbriz 9x12, sitting in the attic for the last 20 years.

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Lot of maintenance, proper way to clean rug as taught by Iranian weaver, is to place it face down on the snow when it snow.

Do not use vacuum cleaner, after all it is handmade, not factory made.

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The Ardabil Carpet is at the V&A. It is gorgeous.

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Are these the ones made with child labor? Where do we sign up?

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Good! Send me a list of the distributors in Japan and I'll send them an order for a few. I already have one, as well as a 4'x6' prayer carpet (which I bought in Okayama, of all places!). I'd certainly like another one or two without having to go back to Iran, which was ugly at the time. Not at all like Japan.

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@Trevor Peace -Plenty of beautiful Iranian carpets on Yahoo Auction at great prices.

@Chucky138- Why aren't you using them? Hope they are properly stored otherwise the moths might have got to them!

@Numan Actually not that difficult to spot a fake even with a little bit of knowledge!

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Although the real ones are of supreme quality and surely an unrivaled cultural asset, when everyone tells us of climate change and planet heating up, I would recommend more producing, buying and using of ice or cooling pads you can walk on. lol

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