Pet insurance market in Japan expanding due to rising vet bills


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Taking care of a pet properly here can be expensive. Hence many folks abandoning their animals when they can not afford to take care of them anymore.

Not to mention the "greeders" (The "puppy-mills) that charge literally hundreds of thousands of yen for inbred animals.

The pet industry here needs some serious help!

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I second that Yubaru. I don't the massive divide we see in how they treat animals here. On one hand you have families that treat their dog like a another person family member. Even getting insurance for them. On the only other hand you have puppy Mills that the public is ignorant of and/or apathetic of. I read there are more cat and dog pets in Japan than children. Yet Japan still has a catch and kill order for strays killing 500,000 a year. Animal cruelty court cases are about 50 a year, whole animal cruelty convictions in the UK are about 500. Animal right overall need to increased and more importantly elevated to awareness. Only a few celebrities advocate such things. Back on the USA its a regular thing to see an animal shelter in your neighborhood and have the local news show some puppies and kitties for adoption.i only seen that once in Japan and of course it was more just for some variaty show to get something cute to show.

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Well said Yubaru.....It's about time these puppy mills were closed down. They should look to Victoria, Aus that have banned puppies for sale in pet shops now become adoption centres for rescue dogs.

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Massive bills? Odd, The vets in our neighborhood are really cheap. Sometimes I wonder how they can keep the business running with those low prices and I hardly see any customers.

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Thank god Shinzos best friend managed to open a vetenary college now there will be more vets. Gotta keep that cash flowing. My dog is disease free if that changes probably cheeper to get a new one, that's a sad fact. Maybe I could download his personality.

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Our goats are well looked after and have healthy environment - not pampered and kept inside all the time - and so far have never gotten ill or needed a vet.

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Goats? Ok they have an attitude and an ability to eat anything. Probably don't need a vet. Outside now that is cool, space is important for animals and humans. Ha goats. When I was in Irac they always found me. Smart animals.

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One problem I've found with JP vets is that they don't typically perform euthanasia, as they do in the US. I don't know if it's because of regulations, or some sanctity-of-life thing, or they simply want the owners to spend more money trying to keep their pets alive, even if they are suffering greatly.

I'm still upset that my cat of 18 years spent his last days suffering in terrible discomfort, and his final hours and moments in pain. The memory of seeing him die in pain like that still angers me.

When we again have pets in Japan, we will not settle on a vet until we know they will help us alleviate our pets' suffering when the time comes. It may take a while. Or, I may have to figure out a way to do it myself, if need be. But, I will not watch a pet suffer like that again.

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Massive bills? Odd, The vets in our neighborhood are really cheap. Sometimes I wonder how they can keep the business running with those low prices and I hardly see any customers.

It really depends. We've used 4 different vets in Japan. Three were relatively reasonably priced. One was crazy expensive.

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One problem I've found with JP vets is that they don't typically perform euthanasia

Our local vet was the one to suggest we put our beautiful Lab out of his misery when he developed cancer. While we tried to convince our daughter (a low-teen at the time, and very much in love with the dog) that it was in the dog's best interest to let him go, the vet did all he could to keep him as comfortable as possible. We didn't manage to convince her, and the dog passed away.

Another dog we had had been blind for several years and started having epileptic fits that could not be controlled with medication. When we took her in for her final visit, the vet was very understanding and made the whole awful process as painless as possible for all concerned.

I don't think it's possible to say that Japanese vets typically do or don't do whatever. Find a vet you can trust and can work with, one who understands where you're coming from, and stick with him/her.

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There's no RSPCA in Japan so Animal cruelty goes unchecked.

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This industry def needs more control-the price setting for the pets is ridiculous! And those not sold for the exorbitant prices are then killed with gas (still wondering what's the proportion of killed vs sold. I assume its quite horrible, but the industry keeps the prices up-they are not the ones paying with own lives anyway).

While average vets are not too expensive, since Japanese pets live quite long lives, they also develop cancers and age-related diseases, and treating those IS expensive. Plus hairdressers costing more than the human ones. Plus pet hotels, etc etc.

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Adopt a puppy/kitten from rescue centre.

Register at Vet shop


Cheap food, even rice with curry

Always let him/her wander around free inside the house/garden

Walk him/her around the park at least once a day

Rarely sometimes you might regret keeping but the joy you bond with is such an amazing feeling that you feel so good when u're down.
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Once you refer to it as an "industry", don't expect breeders to go anywhere. There is a demand and money to be made. People view pets as accessories - you can pick the style, color, etc - and when tired of it or too much work, just throw it away.

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Sorry Sam Whitte, "People view pets as accessories" Not the case for everyone. My Jake (JRT) is family. He eats only quality dog food, exercised well twice a day, loves camping, hiking and swimming with us. He loves the car rides and enjoys jogging with me. Far from an accessory. He's not my "dog", he's my friend, my buddy, my world. Same goes for the group of many others we hang with.

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