Fitch downgrades three major Japanese banks


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And here come the rating vultures..

American companies that were proved useless when their system was giving AAA to bankrupted companies. But they insist to attack other countries financial systems for the interest of the USA. First was Europe, now will be Japan.

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Yes, they are a tool of Empire Finance, which is basically a weapon of mass destruction.

And starting with the Reagan-era deregulation, which culminated with the Clinton-era deregulation, the collusion between the American politico caste and the finance caste has destroyed the normal functioning of an economic system that had been built and reinforced since the Great Depression.

Empire Finance cretins, all of them.

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Japan is like a multimillionaire maxed out on all his credit cards. I wonder how long it can defy the laws of gravity before things come crashing down. As far as I can tell, the only growth sectors in the domestic economy are cell phones from NTT DoCoMo and women's hair tint at Matsumoto Kiyoshi.

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These rating agencies have their best interests at heart and double thumbs up koiwaicoffee for the mention of how these dillusioned fools rated the mess that was the US banking prior to 2008.

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It's already crashing. Look around you, the signs are everywhere. Unemployment going up, birth rate going down, debt rising, mega corps posting back to back losses, production shifting to 3rd world countries, shops closing all over the place, financial companies and their shinanigans, natural disaster issues, radiation issues, revolving door of goverment leadership. The list goes on and on. Get some youth and females into office or it wont change. Old dogs cannot learn new tricks.

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