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A year on, BOJ chief still faces monumental policy normalization task

By Noriyuki Suzuki

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Japan is a country with ever higher inflation and stagnant wages.

Mor than a year of rising prices and this month (I predict) will see a further rise.

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Just take look how much anyone can get, when try to convert from yen to dollar or any foreign currency.



While people who live in Japan still need to face price that skyrocketed.



Anything good so far?

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We are all getting poorer but I am not sure what else they can do. The demographic cliff is here.

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Ueda does his best to address the mess left by by his predecessor Kuroda that had terrible side effects including JPY collapse, bad imported inflation, zombie companies, abyssal public debt to name a few.

This is basically mission impossible. I sincerely wish him good luck.

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BOJ watchers are keeping tabs on the pace at which the central bank decides to further raise interest rates

Who writes these pieces without an ounce of critical thinking? Why assume rates will be raised?

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Weak Yen or strong dollar? Look at other currencies...

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@Sh1mon M4asada

It depends which period we look at, but over the past year USD was up 13.64% against the JPY and EUR 13.58 % . I think it was the same against all other major currencies so I think it was JPY

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It’s odd that there is this talk about raising short term interest rates above 0%, but little talk about stopping the 10s of trillions of yen of continuous money printing.

To hike interest rates in this state would be like leaving the bath water running at full bore, and then trying to suck some water out with a straw.

Dial back the running bath water first would be the sensible thing to do.

This might take some time to arrange, as the politicians want to keep spending more than 110 trillion yen of public money annually, financed in large part by this BOJ money printing.

Until some more serious policy changes are made, the Japanese lira / peso is not on my want list.

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you’d think from the headline that the boj people are out there with shovels. axes and hammers, toiling in the sun.

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The Yen is collapsing even further against the US Dollar now. Now at 153!

How pathetic all this is, prices will just continue to shoot up. True inflation in Japan is around 12% and there’s no end in sight.

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A year later yet no change whatsoever.

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Change yea… but so timid.

Just stop printing money. No Weimar here please.

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