As BOJ diverges from peers, yen weakness a tolerance test

By Noriyuki Suzuki

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Price hikes are good news for the BOJ as long as they are accompanied by strong wage growth so consumer demand will not be hurt.

The BOJ and the LDP on the second half of that proposition: Shrug.

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I gave up on Japan as a source of income just as the large companies Japanese have done.

Exports are the only driver of growth in Japan’s moribund economy...

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Japan has failed to change into a high growth economy ....

Kinda evitable for a mature economy with a shrinking population. This isn't India!

Not a bad article for Kyodo.

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BOJ keeps the monetary policy that has been proved not really working for decades. Is it stupidity?

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That last comment from Yamamoto at Mizuho is spot on.

additional stimulus to help households

Financed by eventual higher taxes, on households. It’s sheer genius.

the yen's real effective exchange rate has fallen to its lowest level in half a century

Ugh. And the policy makers in charge…

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A weaker yen would be a great incentive for foreign tourists to come back to Japan, but sadly, we're not allowed in.

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Not good for normal people.

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I luvs me a weak yen. I hope it stays over 120 for as long as possible.

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