Bezos 2021 space odyssey a risk too far for insurers

By Noor Zainab Hussain and Carolyn Cohn

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There's a campaign going on that does not want to see Bezos allowed back to Earth after he leaves!

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Space cadets indeed. The theme for the Bezos space launch: Lost In Space. The more billionaires that launch themselves into the void, the better. A group flight piloted by Bezos and Musk, with Branson, Gates, Ellison, Brin, Page and maybe Trump, seems a fine proposition.

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Jeff Bezos can easily afford to self- insure, also insure his passengers...

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I find it hilarious that tens of thousands of individuals have signed a petition asking that Mr. Bezos not be allowed back on Earth.

Never met him, and don't know anything about him, but how would one go about forbidding someone entry to Earth? "Please divert to our clearing station on the Moon. If you are found to be a legal entrant, you might at that time be allowed onto planet Earth."

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The related concerns are whether currently existing life insurance policies would pay out in the event of a death. Some policies have extensive clauses which void the policy if the insured is engaging in some reckless or inherently dangerous activities. Most are underwritten after a questionnaire intended to reveal participation in activities such as hang-gliding, drag racing, and skydiving. Perhaps in the future they will add "space tourism", to allow the insurer to adequately price the risk (or even refuse to insure from the start.)

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Great idea! I hope it will transform into a good tradition to award the richest guys by sending them to space towards the stars.

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