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BOJ's move to ease yield curve control points to tricky road ahead

By Noriyuki Suzuki

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Personally, I love the weak yen. I think it fits the fundamentals.

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This level of economy language is over my head. Just wondering what it means for the yen up ahead.

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I wonder if this will affect housing prices.

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I wonder if this will affect housing prices

A rates increase will make mortgages more expensive.

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Just wondering what it means for the yen up ahead.

Higher interest rates in Japan tend to lead to a higher value of the yen. The latest policy move allows the rates to go a bit higher than before, although we don't know how high the BOJ will allow the rates to rise.

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I’m wondering if the prospect of raising interest rates will soon be seen as too risky. And when financial markets sense that, the yen will get even weaker. Maybe quite a lot weaker. Just wondering. BOJ might intervene in that case but that may not work eventually. I’m imagining a situation where the yen could utterly collapse. Just a thought.

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It will have mini collapse from time to time.

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Higher rates for mortgages mean house prices to go down.

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And when financial markets sense that...

The financial markets have shown they have a hecka of a lot of confidence in Japan. In normal times, the yen is a leading global safe-haven currency, and this country is the world's largest creditor nation, after all.

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@Larr Flint: You continue with this view, which you are wrong about as you fail to understand the simple relationship between the UST and the JGB market.

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Look at the markets now

There was a yen surge but the BOJ still continues to buy massive amounts of JGBs as nobody else will-surely a move for continuing yen weakness, no?

Looks like the yen is now falling at present

All I see is the yen dropping further in the future

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