Britain-EU deal lacks clarity for nervous Japanese investors: analysts

By William Hollingworth

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For the first time Toyota Duty Managing Director Tony Walker giving evidence to the parliamentary businesses select committee admitted less that 20% of Toyota vehicle part are manufactured in the UK.

Literality Toyota supply chain is utilizing UK roads as a pseudo mobile warehousing facility, with between 50 to 80 heavy goods vehicles moving in sequence pounding through channel ports daily. The damage to the environment is incalculable. This is a race to the bottom.

Countries outside of the EU single market, through trade deals would insist at the very least 50% of the vehicle originate from the country of import.

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Some months I make more from my UK businesses than I do here.

i only see more opportunities ahead....

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Hmm.. Japanese investors arent alone on knowing where they stand when it comes to their operations within the UK ... or should it be England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and the rest of Europe.

The whole thing could be cancelled now, or it could simply go ahead, and possibly thereafter the rest of the UK fragments... or it could be left in limbo-land forever more. And... if it returns to Europe - it will be considered as the laughing stock of Europe... What a mess!

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The UK should Split from Europe. Hard exit - two Fingers up at Brussels, and Germany, and get on with the business of rebuilding the UK. Ironically, the UK may wish to reboot the European Community prior to Maastricht...

Unfortunately, some , have attributed similar thoughts as being "Germany will not win it's 3rd Reich goals via the current Europe".... but those, simply belong along with the Aliens visited us, with the X-Files...

The UK simply needs to be decisive upon what it's going to do, and not be wishy-washy as it's coming forth at present.

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