Businesses see hot demand from sweltering heatwave


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I do not know about the increase of these new products. Hope they help you keep cool.

But man, after picking my kid from kinder it is a B line right to my local AEON and Baskin Robbins. The Peach is straight up stupid tasty. Knock your eye tooth out and cool you down!

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Yep, bought a cooler similar to the one pictured for the second floor bedroom although, it's an indoor type and doesn't look like the 'Lost In Space' robot after a severe car accident. It was nearly ¥100,000 cheaper than getting an aircon into the second floor coz there's no balcony. They work very well. They are a tad noisy for sleeping in a small room though. TEPCO is gonna love me this month. Sapporo beer company is getting a fair share of my summer vacation salary as well.

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I hang in the company's walk-in fridge whenever I can, and I'm never alone.

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"Baskin Robbins"

Is that 31 Aisukurimu? Hee hee!

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"Yep, bought a cooler similar to the one pictured for the second floor bedroom although, it's an indoor type and doesn't look like the 'Lost In Space' robot after a severe car accident."

Har! The black one on the right, is the type that does the job and you can get for like 3,000-4,000 yen.

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I hope more people are aware that beer does not do well hydrating your body.

If you're ever go to those outdoor beer gardens remember to hydrate with water, tea, sports drinks or some other fluids.

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Fans only circulate hot air around and beer makes you sweat more. Air Coolers , double glazing and insulated walls is the recipe with a couple of iced whisky's or whiskey's at bed time.

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People are dying and drink companies are boasting about profits?

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No, gogogo, they’re not.

Yes, people are dying. That’s another story.

THIS story is about the fact that certain businesses are realizing higher demand due to the prolonged summer heat.

This story’s purpose is not to ignore or downplay the other fact that people are dying...

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Don't be fooled.

Japanese companies ARE of course mainly concerned with PROFITS.

They ARE boasting about profits.

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The summer heat is also leading to an increase in sales of such goods as sunscreen, antiperspirant and deodorant and raising consumer interest in bedding that is said to help users sleep more comfortably on hot nights.

With regards to personal hygiene I sure as hell would love for ES, JHS, and HS to have showers installed in the schools so the kids get to learn that smelling like sweat is NOT cool.

Also and particularly at the men here, deodorant is best used AFTER taking a shower and not instead of one. The combined smell of deodorant and rancid sweat gets overpowering!

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Those "spot" ac's like the one the guy in the picture has his right hand on, are really sweet! Unlike a household ac they pump out cold air ALL the time! Yeah the electric bill is hell, but in hot weather like we are having now....who gives a crap!

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Always have ice in the freezer and filtered water to drink-saves money too!

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