Crisis-hit Boeing readies huge effort to return 737 MAX to the skies

By Eric M Johnson, Tracy Rucinski and Tim Hepher

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MCAS: may crash any second

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I personally can't trust a company that has a chairman of the board (for corporate governance) also running the company as CEO. How does that work? Fiefdom?

On top of all this he is still there, despite the scandal. The same guy that was in charge of this mess is still there as chair and CEO.

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Nobody wants to fly on those planes. Start up the scrap yards, Boeing.

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"Traffic growth has slipped," says the article. I have been watching the cost of flights from YVR to HND, and It has increased considerably, so my plans to visit Japan for six weeks, starting mid-October have been tossed out the window.

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Could this be the end of Boeing?

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Could this be the end of Boeing?

never , just like Airbus their respective governments would never allow it.

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They could have at least renamed it....

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How about the 737 Roulette? You may win and arrive safely, or you may not...

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Sadly when booking, just how can we determine which type of Aircraft we will be flying in ? Pressure needs to be put upon the Airlines over not just having a preferred model of aircraft, but an absolute non-model of aircraft.

737 Max problems "may" have been fixed, but I would rather wait a bit before flying on one. New plane - new issues, new maintenance issues.... Boeing released this model under the 737 brand saying that Pilots would be familiar with it... but they were not.... I wonder also about the ground crew carrying out regular maintenance... So maybe after a year or two of brave souls flying upon it, will I have a bit more confidence in joining them.

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