Crowdfunding proves popular way to help businesses hit by virus


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When the government won’t fund really small businesses then how does one survive?

My boss didn’t pay several employees for 2 months due to the SOE- I wonder how it was expected that we could survive?

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Dou you think we could crowdfund them into making some real cheese?

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30 liters of milk a day from one cow? What a sad miserable life those cows must have.

Always thought around 30 was normal for a diary cow. Guessing they diary cows.

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30 liters of milk a day from one cow? What a sad miserable life those cows must have.

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Good luck to everyone trying whatever to make it through these difficult times.

It must be expensive milk if it needs promotions in department stores to sell.

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She hit on the idea of crowdfunding and launched a campaign in May with a goal of raising 1 million yen, providing milk and dairy products as return gifts. 

Though one would wonder if she ever have the other mind-bending idea of actually selling her products online, the JA monopoly probably bans such direct sales, so the "gift" via crowdfunding is probably a loophole. Good for her.

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