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Data rigging scandals threaten to undermine Toyota's growth

By Yuki Yamaguchi

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And so it should.

Thank goodness the Western media isn't as complacent as the Japanese one.

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Caused by managment pushing for unrealistic results

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Only "threaten"? precisely the lack of important consequences is what makes these scandals appear.

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A few more bows, 10% salary reductions for three months for a few scapegoats, and then life is back to normal.

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I went in to a toyota dealer the other day to look at a couple vehicles I was going to buy one.. a rude arrogant salesman turned me off so they lost out on a sale to Honda.

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Toyota is lost!

havng to wait 6-12 months op for a new car is a joke!

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This is not the first time Toyota has lied, hidden safety data. Previous unethical, deadly business decisions have gone back 12 years. Oh what a feeling. Déjà vu, from Toyota.

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Toyota is lost!


Toyota is the undisputed world leader in sales and quality.

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Does TPS need to be revisited?

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Data rigging scandals threaten to undermine Toyota's growth.

Toyota should not grow – it should die. The astronomical profits of Toyota Jidoosha Kabushiki Kaisha come for undermining our planet Earth. This kaisha is an archconservative entity, that continue to tout petroleum engines and denies the needed advancement to electric vehicles.

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""Some group companies "might find it difficult to express their opinions freely to Toyota, as in most cases Toyota makes the orders," Toyota chairman Akio Toyoda said at a press conference last week.""

But this is the NORM here, those on top talk others JUST LISTEN.

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Suppliers say; "They can't say they won't be able to meet production"... OK, but where else can Toyota go? Every company in Japan is facing the same problem, not enough workers and engineers. But yet... but yet wages stay the same. How can you entice college students into engineering programs if the starting wage is crap. Engineers should be starting at a Y7 mil wage versus the average of Y4.3 mil. The average U.S. starting salary is $70,000 a year out of college.

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Thank goodness the Western media isn't as complacent as the Japanese one.

Kyodo is a Japanese wire service.

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