Japan's economy may rebound but faces headwind amid price surge

By Yuka Nakao

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Look forward to some big salary increases across the board for all.

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“After all COVID-19 curb measures to contain the surge of infections caused by the Omicron variant were lifted in late March”

There were NO measures in place to contain the surge .

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It's largely up to the actions of Putin and Mr. Xi.

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let me be honest all what this gov can do is to print piles of new money and giving away for UA,etc real plan at all.

just to increase debt to new records.

no plans to help to japanese companies,peoples costs,lowering VAT for food,lowering taxes for fuel,supporting family with kids with more tax release or cash handouts...nothing.just endless talk abt some silly 5000JY giveaway for pensioners...

Fumio and co should feel shame to put my grandkids in more debt by their total unskilled "leadership" and "management"

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For April, analysts expect the core CPI to further accelerate toward 2 percent, a long-elusive goal set by the Bank of Japan.

Here we go.

Japan's consumer prices rose by 2.5% YoY in April, the most since October 2014, after a 1.2% gain in March.

Month on month, consumer prices went up 0.4% in April, the same pace as in the prior two months.

The core consumer price index in Japan, which excludes fresh food but includes fuel costs, jumped 2.1% in April from a year earlier, more than a seven-year high and rising above BoJ’s 2% target.

Food inflation in Japan accelerated to a seven-year high of 4.0% in April from 3.4% the previous month. This was the eighth straight month of increases in cost of food, showing food prices rising at the fastest pace in seven years.

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As if Japan with a failing economy and falling demography could keep the pace with rest of the world.

Expect yen to fall to. You are warned.

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Blaming COVID and the war in Ukraine has become a litany for government failures.

The writing on the wall was here years ago and I took a long hard look at it and have all of my assets outside Japan and/or in gold and silver.

I’m looking at a yen which is trending down and that means prices in Japan are doing the same.

I am so glad I got out of the yen when I did…

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