Nissan falls behind rivals in industry's critical transitional period

By Junko Horiuchi

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7 months Ushida needed to come up with nothing. Closing 2 factories is something anyone can do but there should have been MUCH deeper cuts particularly in mid management, the horrendous “ marketing” departments, administrative positions and immediate Shutdown of a number of models.

if so a bodem , a floor, can be laid to rebuild from. That rebuild must start at the same time of the closings but there is no rebuild plan for the brand. Datsun gave that opportunity to shut the non performing Nissan models and rebrand the remaining as Datsun.

Uchida will be remembered as the undertaker of Nissan, not the Ceo.

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Low brain = Internationalized your auto brand, developed good technology, satisfy your consumers with quality cards, keep an open mind for new, diverse ideas.

High brain = Firing the CEO who knew everything works, and re-implementing a nationalist system that crashed your company long time ago.

Galaxy brain = Expanding your operation in China where your profits and assets are under constant threat of the CCP.

Universe brain = Sell your cars in China where Chinese people hate your race

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Well, Nissan wanted to be the big man on the block and call the shots, now it sounds like they'll get their chance. Be careful what you wish for.

And even two decades after Renault and Nissan started working together, it's clear that things are still a mess at a very fundamental level. Look, everybody knows that Ghosn got railroaded by Japan Inc., but at the same time, maybe he wasn't an unqualified business genius either. Or perhaps trying to make this alliance was too much, even for the highest-flying corporate executive.

Regardless, now it's time for Nissan to put up or shut up.

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I can easily visualise a Nissan board meeting.

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nissan was bankrupt before Carlos came. Carlos dragged it into the black. Now, with all the goons at nissan that only talks, What do u expect ???. this is correct results. nissan should be brought shame to japanese car industry and shame to good Japanese citizens that love good foreigners.

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