Nissan revs up growth efforts after Ghosn's removal from board

By Junko Horiuchi

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Well move ahead with electrifying the whole range, people don't like fan belts anymore, and they are still wary of EVs

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It will be an upward battle for Nissan.

Many issues in terms of assigning new and CREDIBLE management team ; as well as the up coming litigation to address.

But I believe nissan can show itself to be a come-back kid ,esp bc the shift to electrifying.


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Quote: “more customers see a vehicle as something not to own but to share.”

Really? How many more? More than what?

People in cities who do not want a personalized space with their own belongings in the car?

Is this a public voice, or someone’s vision for how things will have to be in the future?

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Well we "share" escooters and ebike, using hi viz shirts, helmets and disposible hairnets, yes "sharable" cars is coming, and Nissan better be ready for it, with their new team from the top down.

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People are concerned about air purity, that is why the push for EV, or at least hybrid (no-idle), have you ever been in a traffic jam, with fumes of the cars blowing in the cars behind, its disgusting !

NISSAN definitely need a CLEAN image in more ways than one !

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Do you remember Mazda with its polluting rotary engine or the turbo era, with noise and smoke, or VW with its diesel, Nissan have made a start with LEAF, but no cars should have auxiliaries driven by belts, so Nissan could lead the way, and that would help their shares.

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Meh.  Many of these ideas are pie in the sky.  Back in the hands of local management I would bet on bust rather than boom.

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At this stage self driving is too clever for Nissan, just smart nav with 5G will do, I know it doesn't sound like a winner, but striving for "best taxi" is a good step towards the future cars have to be like, and if you've seen the "Crowns", they drive now in Japan, you would be hard pressed to think its the Worlds third economy !

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Saikwa has absolutely no clue as to how to grow an automotive business!!

Perhaps some AKB48 themed vehicles will do it....

Or maybe Sailor Moon??

Dunno, but I am sure we have more ideas than Saikawa!!

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Sharing car for people who don't own one or can't commit bro own one is one thing. But many people who commute from and to work prefer their own car. Trust me I used to share car I was a Zipcar member. But when my work and lifestyle change I decided I have to buy my own car. So I can have freedom to drive anywhere and personalized my own car. I don't think I can do that if I share with someone.

In short car sharing only work in big cities where income mostly spent on rents food and technology ( I m pretty sure next iPhone is not getting cheaper), no space to park or too expensive to pay garage every month. The reason why not many millennials own a car because their income is not as high as previous generation. Unless they find better paying job and live outside city.

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nandakandamanda; it's not they don't want a personalized space, it's most can't afford one. The cost to rent a space is anywhere from 20,000JPY and up. In my area it's 30,000JPY and up. That's outside the metro area. So that, in addition to car payments, home rent or mortgage and raising a family, people would prefer to use car share system.

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Maybe to share as to be driven, but without driver, it was called car pooling during rush hour and car rental at other times with autonomous cars blurring the line with Taxis and buses, trams and trains, the ebike at stations works well, Nissan have ecars for hire in Yokohama, my point is we need to clean up the last of the petrol cars they make.

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estimating that most people only use their vehicles around 10 percent of the day, meaning the rest of the time could be dedicated to picking up fares. Owners could manage their car on the network using the smartphone on 5G

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I do not care what kind of gimmick and or car they were trying to promote I would not have anything to do with their brand this company is not credible and or honorable towards their brand and or people.  I am wishing Ghosn all the best in and out of prison and I hope he continues to stand his ground at all costs.

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It was Carlos Ghosn who brought back to life bankrupt Nissan buried 6 feet under.

A Japanese manager isn't capable of doing what Carlos Ghosn was able to do, or else Nissan wouldn't have gone bankrupt in the first place.

Now that Saikawa has successfully backstabbed and eliminated the Savior Ghosn, all that is left for Nissan is to go down, and Saikawa is already doing that, by pulling out of Europe and betting the company on just two markets, the US and China. This is the strategy that GM took and is backfiring with GM product continue to get weaken.

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I'm never going to buy a Nissan again, and I was a long time fan of Nissan cars and have owned several high end Skyline models in the past.

Whether Ghosn is guilty or not, it is clear that the management have strung up their CEO to take the fall for something it seems clear they're all involved in.

In the process of doing so it also appears that they have set precedents that all foreigners living in Japan are going to have to live with for the rest of our lives, things like having our passports confiscated without being charged with any crime, and unlimited detention periods while people directly related to "investigations" are allowed to consolidate their story and destroy evidence.

Nissan can bite me as far as I'm concerned, they'll never get another purchase out of me. Sometimes it's not only the quality of the car that matters, but the corporation's ethical responsibility to the community and humanity in general.

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Any company that is willing to act as Nissan has done doesn’t deserve my money.....

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