Olympics real estate boom engulfing Tokyo unlikely in Beijing


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I would love to make my place a bread and breakfast and tour guide place for this coming olympics especially since I am in a good location.

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The "Bread and Breakfast" would surely catch on. (But where will your visitors sleep?)

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He added, "If real estate prices go up like the time when the Beijing Summer Olympics was held in 2008, I would have to buy an apartment for investment.

But they won’t go up so he won’t buy as several weeks of sports do not define a trend!

However, for those with more money than sense please go ahead and invest in your own personal shoe box...

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"....the global financial crisis triggered by the collapse of U.S. securities firm Lehman Brothers Holdings

It wasn't "triggered" by Lehman. It was triggered the collapse of the US housing market bubble. Lehman was among a slew of institutions that went bust. Bear Sterns and others preceded them.

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It's the Chinese who are buying properties in Tokyo rather than back home !

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Hopefully the CCP will collapse this Decade and the Chinese can get on with their lives and enjoy the freedoms of being able to move money in and out of the Country at will. Were that to happen, then the property market in Tokyo would probably drop due to the Chinese selling up and moving Cash back home.

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It is a bubble.

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Communist, technology thiefs, represive China??..


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