Scandal-hit corporate Japan needs whole new mindset

By Akiko Yasuhara

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Haha nice xmas humor. Everybody knows leopards can't change their spots.

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Are Nissan cars lemons?

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Scandal? It's a way of life for them. It's just that they got caught, this time.

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back in the old days, consumers have trust in japan and german products. as

time moving forward, profit becomes their #1 priority instead of quality. sad.

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 suggests that many Japanese companies seem to lack a sense of urgency when it comes to dealing with such problems.

You don't say? Xmas humour indeed.

"Top executives are saying that they will apply tighter management control,

The reflexive pass the buck, lean on the kachos and buchos more, so they in turn will create an even unhealthier, repressed and miserable work environment than before. Problem solved. Japanese Leadership Inc. The old guard.

The entire mindset has to change, a massive mental software update, starting at the top not the bottom. The sooner the better. Here's hoping. Merry Xmas yall.

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they do not care about end users,

As this article itself suggests, its not the end-users companies worry about, it’s their reputation and the reputation of Japan Inc.

restore the country’s image ... perception...

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I'll say it again Japan has no governance and needs internationally trained directors to correct the decades of "the (wrong) Japanese way"

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Japan Inc. could be compared to a rose garden built on a rubbish dump. It looks great on the surface, but you don't have to dig very far to find the garbage. I've been here many years, and it didn't take me very long to realise just how superficial Japanese culture really is. All this 'omotenashi' and 'bushido' stuff is just a two-faced lie!

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Japan is still doing well and is somewhat transparent.

To think it’s amongst the most corrupt is pretty silly.

Of course it needs to do better and not corrupt itself, but that’s more due to powerful old people at the top rather than this “rubbish dump” Disillusioned sees. In my company and most I’ve worked at, people do make a an effort (100X more than some places) to have good honest personalized service.

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@thepersoniamnow - Excuse me? You are basing your opinion on the few companies you've worked for? Let me refresh your memory of 'some' of the recent corporate scams run by Japanese companies:

Takata Airbags falsified safety of their product for over a decade

Nissan falsified inspections

Subaru falsified inspections

Suzuki falsified fuel consumption

Mistubishi falsified profit statistics

TEPCO falsified safety inspections

Tainted Chinese rice used to make chu-hi (3 years ago)

A multitude of food mislabeling scams

Whale hunting

Ivory sales

And, that's just a few off the top of head without digging very deeply into the garbage dump.

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I've got more too, mansions built so badly they lean against adjacent buildings, with full city hall approval. But it's pretty obvious the Oji Sans in control have absolutely no desire to change anything but their nappies. As long as they make money who cares? Standards have dropped wages are pathetic compliance to.......what? Oversite? What a mess.

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Pride. Can’t be competitive but cook the books and falsify data.

Japanese companies in the article are like “Chinese” companies. What a slam to Japan’s brand.

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They didn't even mention Toyota's denial and cover-up of the sudden acceleration problems in their cars about 10 years ago. Led to a few deaths.

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Needs it, yes. Will take it, no. All the old people in charge are just waiting until they retire so they can fob it off on someone else. Unfortunately, the next person has been waiting in line for "their turn" to do the same.

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Do a lap around the globe, stop over in a few countries, you’ll see what I mean about corruption.

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They didn't even mention Toyota's denial and cover-up of the sudden acceleration problems in their cars about 10 years ago. Led to a few deaths.

That was a set-up.

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Japanese companies have technical competitiveness. What is being questioned here is their attitude toward consumers," 

I think Japanese companies attitude to consumers is outstanding in a lot of ways.

I wonder if it's the attitude to work.

Putting immense pressure on themselves to get things done at the last minute when it's the inefficiencies in their methods that is making things harder than they need to be.

I work at a maker of machinery, which is mechanically very good, still making good innovations and is very uncompromising on precision. However the German rivals are cheaper and in my opinion sound more innovative, and I predict the gap will only get bigger with developments such as IoT.

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@ Wallace Fred

People who subscribe to that mindset never grow and will always make excuses.

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Can’t say I would trust Chinese manufacturing any more than Japanese stuff.

Things in Japan are too prescriptive as it is. Rather than more rules and checks I would favour streamlining if rules and elimination of those that do not stand up to simple common sense cost/benefit analysis.

Some of the notable scandals have been due to working around checks, rather than actually causing noticeable quality issues.

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