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Tokyo stock market reaches uncharted territory, but where to next?

By Peter Masheter

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Masahiro Yamaguchi, head of investment research at SMBC Trust Bank, said Mitsubishi Corp. is a good example. The company saw its stock price hit all-time highs in early February after its plan to buy back up to 10 percent of outstanding shares attracted attention.

Stock buybacks great for shareholders!

Investor confidence borne from record corporate profits

Historic profits and record market highs!


The reality for most Japanese (and globally) is that the recent pandemic was a massive wealth transfer upward, accelerating the techno-feudalistic trends of societies.


Tourism booms, record profits and booming markets mean stock buybacks, not prosperity for the nation.

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You are right on the mark.

Shares are being manipulated upwards whereas the cost of living and inflation is surging on the plummeting yen!

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Shares are being manipulated upwards

Nope. It is called market forces. There is enormous demand for Japanese stocks right now because Japanese companies are massively profitable. There is no "manipulation" going on.

45,000 points is the next benchmark.

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Keep growing Japan!!..

And let the haters bark..


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Tokyo stock market reaches uncharted territory, but where to next?

Next is only going down.


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We're all going to make lots of money "because AI" sounds like Pets.com to me.

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Share buybacks are market forces?

Surely, it’s a sign of greedy bloated companies not passing on profits, in the form of higher wages to their workers?

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Spot on!!!!

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The only way is down...or up.

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TheDalaiLamasBifocalsToday  11:02 am JST

The only way is down...or up.

ah ah. Exactly . All these economists, strategists, analysts trying to forecast the future are useless. Actually when you speak privately with them they are the first ones to recognize it but these jobs pay very well!

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A new all time high is really really bullish.

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All those thinking that Japan has its finger on the pulse had better get used to a much lower standard of living (it’s pretty low now) in the near future.

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History is always good predictor

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Policymakers do EVERYTHING they can to pump up markets. Fundamentals in real economy terrible, markets easiest lever to manipulate, ditto in US and EU.

Real problem, bubble markets help fuel further inflation, as financial conditions loosen, making it harder for Central Banks in US and EU to lower their policy rates, putting more downward pressure on Yen in case of Japan.

For Govt., added tax revenues from Cap. Gains also attractive, but mostly not letting economic confidence collapse. Meanwhile consumer spending and income has been negative, on an inflation adjusted basis for about 2 straight years in Japan = TERRIBLE

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Basically, two reasons:

(1) Decline of the Chinese economy: Those who previously invested in China are looking for an alternative market.

(2) The Japanese market is relatively cheap compared to, for example, the USA.

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(3) The Japanese yen is seen as a safe haven for funds

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