Tokyo stock market to remain firm under new LDP leader Kishida

By Toma Mochizuki

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Ok - should I buy Japanese stocks or foreign stocks?

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 "Mr. Kishida's logical outlook and strong support from (Japan's largest business lobby) Keidanren may override disappointment over the upcoming months."

Logical? This was the guy who wants to have a new kind of capitalism that is more… socialist in nature. He is a nothing burger for me.

"The people in Japan desire a strong prime minister who is able to clearly envision a path for the country's growth and regulatory reform," Ide said.

Agree! But I have no sense that that is what Kishida stands for.

I don’t own Japanese stocks anymore but wouldn’t be impressed at all by Kishida if I did. Kono’s reform mindedness was more attractive, in that he at least recognized that the pension scam needs changing.

Kishida… ah well

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Here we go again, another year of mismanagement coming up!!

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Nothing to see here, Kishida is a lot of the same old same old, which is not necessarily bad but nothing to get excited about either. Markets should react muted to slightly positive IMO.

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Tokyo stock market to remain firm under new LDP leader Kishida

The markets firm, rampant and resolute no matter how unattractive the next LDP anointed is because they know their interests are a done deal from the beginning.

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