Protesters take positions behind a barricades as police gather in Yangon, Myanmar, on Sunday. Photo: AP

Wary Japan firms looking out for signs of risk in Myanmar chaos

By Noriyuki Suzuki

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"We can say the coup is against democracy, but as one company what we can do for now is to keep close tabs (on what comes next)," an official at a Japanese company that does business in Myanmar said.

Japan Inc has continued to do and is well entrenched in dictatorial military states like Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand, human rights take a back seat and corruption is endemic.

Doesnt the “one company” spokesman (nameless) have anything to say about a country where the governing military shoots its own people dead on the streets?

No, rather it is all about “what comes next”.

How pathetic a response is that?

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Over 50 dead since the coup began, what other evidence does the Japanese government and companies need to know that the military is not pro-democratic? It's very easy, I'm sure that the contracts that these companies signed were with the democratically elected government that was ousted and jailed so the contract is no longer valid with the military junta. Don't be spineless and divest now.

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It is all about business and money for Japan, which increased its investments there over the past ten years, and winning some infrastructures projects

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The morality of the situation doesn't seem to register at all.

Nor does it dawn on anyone that the young men and women risking their lives on the streets for a better country, are the decision-makers and consumers of the future.

Don't be surprised (although you'll likely be oblivious) when Myanmarese are drawn towards those many non-Japanese companies that have taken a stand against the Junta.

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...Nemoto said companies already operating in the zone will be affected if Myanmar is hit with new sanctions by Western nations...

I certainly hope so. Companies in cahoots with the bad guys and backed by a govt that is unwilling to take a stand against murderous tyranny deserve to suffer. .

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Where were these companies and the Japanese government when this very same SAVAGE Military soldiers Raped, Tortured, Killed, Burned the homes of the Rohingya minorities then forced to leave their homes and properties and flee to Thailand and Bangladesh ??

The world watched these people cry for help but NO one answered.

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“It would be regrettable to pull out prematurely when even soldiers drink beer there is great potential.” Thought Kirin aloud. “Can we still get the trucks dirt cheap?” asked Nissan. “Can we still get paid if Aeon mall takes longer to build?” wondered Aeon Corp. “Should we ask world bodies to make an exception with Japan and allow us to feign concern while still carrying out business with the nation, or will we regrettably have to show we are concerned with action that’ll disturb stock holders? THIS is the truly concerning issue and must be thought on,” said the government.

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Japan is just desperate for money in terms of the Government. The Japanese Government is going after everyones money including over taxing foreigners who live in Japan and money from overseas investments while the Japanese Government doesn't give a rats A$% about the people of Myanmar and the reason for the rioting.

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Nothing will change. Just push for stability and give jobs and investment to ordinary Burmese. They are nice, genuine, hardworking people.

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Wary Japan firms looking out for signs of risk in Myanmar chaos.

Neo-colonialism at it's best. As long the Masters interests are at risk then that country becomes hostile. All that Cheap labor they have been exploiting for a decade .

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Japan is just desperate for money in terms of the Government. The Japanese Government is going after everyones money including over taxing foreigners who live in Japan and money from overseas investments while the Japanese Government doesn't give a rats A$% about the people of Myanmar and the reason for the rioting.

And those asshats in the BoJ are cashing out of Japan after creating a temporary ridiculous high at 30,000 in Japanese stocks and BoJ stocks. Not to mention that now BoJ owns more than 50% of Japanese bonds and ETFs.

Of course, they do not share and spread the wealth to the rest of Japan. Because they are fleeing the sinking ship quietly.

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The Norwegian Sovereign Wealth fund, one of Kirin’s biggest investors, apparently demanded that Kirin take action on Myanmar. This wasn’t an altruistic move by them.

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