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For Japan's carmakers, Europe market worth the struggle


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Without a proper diesel the Japanese makers will never make serious inroads into the European market.

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I can't see the Koreans making a car that can beat my love for Mitsubishi Evolutions and Nissan Skylines.

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Toyota and Honda are boring cars.

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Subaru diesel sounds like the only contender then...

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Toyota and Honda are boring cars.

And a Kia is a interesting car?

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In my country "Kia" is a euphemism for a tin can on wheels.

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in Europe is also competition from vendors who offer better loan or leasing.

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japan cars are better like ferrari are, but south korean cars attract with price. satisfactory quality it is a key.

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If I have money, I'll buy germany car because it's safe; if I were poor, I'll take korean one because it's cheap. That's why japanese car-sale got problem!

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Unless those Japanese cars run on diesel or are actually manufactured in the different respective countries in Europe, sales will not improve. Protectionism in Europe is much harsher than US. Why? They ain't your allies.

You people had been leeching off us for decades. We allow you to stay peaceful so you can focus on your economy. Europeans don't have the same baggage as us. They won't "cater" to your needs.

I actually find you people and your country to be quite annoying these days. That view is not alone. Your influence is dipping. Your products are a lot less interesting these days. Most of your electronics and household appliances are replaced by the Koreans. Detroit is making a come back and Ford is focusing on smaller cars, get it focus.

And all those cheap products that you used to make are replaced by the Chinese. Yes, most people complaint about Chinese products. But if you ask most folks in US, we think the Chinese are quite conservative, smart and hard working. That trait is quite similar to ours. And in fact, quite similar to the baby-boomer generations in Japan as well. But nowadays, your current and next generations are just a complete disappointment. There is no hope for you.

Other than your geographical location and entertaining gadgets, I don't see any further usefulness from you.

Frankly, you've turned yourself from a stabilizing source to a troublemaker and a trigger for regional war with China. If you folks still don't understand our position on this matter, you are far more dense than I thought you were.

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If you find the Japanese and the country annoying than wtf are you doing on a new site for Japanese news? Or are you just trying to troll...

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Zichi: Of course I know Japanese cars are made in Europe and America. Nothing wrong with that so long as you heard the locals. Didn't you read what I wrote? Thing about Europe is, you don't have the capacity to build in those respective European countries that you have good sales in. Most Germans will buy germans. French with French and Brits with Indian. Maybe you will sell better in Russia but its nothing compare with US. And that's exactly what I'm saying, we allow you to leech off us. Shutting you off will be as easy as shutting of my faucets. Just a hard RIGHT clock-wise turn and you're done. Much like what you're doing to yourself these days.

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Korean cars can't compete quality with Japanese cars. In Australia, if they have money and then they buy Toyota, Honda and Mazda. If they don't have money and they have to buy Korean cars because easy to get car loan. Also, the professional car reviewers are in their pay roll. So they rate highly for Korean cars. After one year, owner has to visit Mechanic often which does not cover their 5 years warranty. Most peoples choose secondhand Japanese cars over new Korean cars. However, Japanese car company need to change their marketing strategy and products. Car brand like Daihatsu should be made compact cheap small car and car base on some 10 or more years old model Toyota to reduce costs. Even 10 years old Toyota Technology is much better than Korean cars.

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