Ford CEO: Electric vehicle demand will transform industry


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For most of the US and Canada, pickup truck users regularly idle their vehicles in the winter for heat.

Electric vehicles are practically useless in sub minus 20 temperatures.

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I was reading that this F 150 has a 300-mile range, but that the next generation of lithium batteries will be cheaper, have a greater range, and will typically last more than ten years.

BTW, electric vehicles come with heaters.

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Now they just need to figure out how to make an environmentally friendly EV car :-\

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Just an aside to this conversation. How will the electricity be generated? Wind and solar won't dent the demand, Coal is too dirty, nuclear ruins the earth for a half life of 5,00 years where ever there is human error or earthquakes (inevitable) which leaves gas. Gas produces as much carbon monoxide as coal so it's just transferring pollution from one place to another.

The internal combustion engine produces power where it is used which is most efficient. Porducing power and transmitting it over a line is wasteful. We will have to see if these somehow get more efficient.

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BTW, electric vehicles come with heaters.

Which consume vast quantities of electrical energy from already weak batteries.

Combustion engines generate heat which can efficiently be transferred into the vehicle cabin.

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What the heck does this mean?

It'll power your house for three days or a heck of tailgate.

Make it sound like a 5 litre V8 with lots of valve overlap and a cross-plane crankshaft and I'll think about it.

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It is important that the electricity that charges EVs come from clean sources. The US and the entire world are working to increase the amount of electricity that comes from renewable sources.

We had enough solar panels installed on the roof to cover our electrical needs. We are still on the grid for those times when the sun is not shining, but we put electricity into the grid during daytime hours. If we were to get an EV, I would contact the solar panel company about getting more panels to cover the needs of the electric car. Solar panels are getting more efficient at the same time that their cost is coming down. Our total cost to go solar was less than $8,000, after tax credits, and they are guaranteed to last for twenty years, with an expected lifetime of at least 30 years. Our payback time to get our cost back is less than ten years.

Fully 60% of all the greenhouse gases emitted by Americans comes from the tailpipes of our internal combustion engine equipped vehicles, so retiring these ICE vehicles is a necessity, if we want to stop global warming.

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It is important that the electricity that charges EVs come from clean sources. The US and the entire world are working to increase the amount of electricity that comes from renewable sources.

The US and the entire world won’t supply the demand for electrical power for EVs. Nuclear power, however, will go a long way. Too bad the US “Green New Deal” is likely at odds with it.

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Overnight charging is the best use of the baseload power, the minimum needed to generate but not fully used. In the daytime, solar is the best.

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And how will they dispose all the non-recyclable lithium-ion batteries when they come to the end of their lives?

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Solar panels on the roof of your house feed into the grid when rates are high and you are at work.

Recharge your truck at night from the grid when rates are cheap, pocketing the difference. Zero CO2.

Filling up at the gas station is for fools.

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You can also run your house power from your EV.

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He said it has a range of 300 miles (on a NEW battery unit), but that is the estimated range based on a set of preconditions which include limited auxiliaries such as heat/aircon (off) and minimal electrical systems (headlights, audio/navi, etc) and of course nothing being towed.

Whereas with a diesel-powered model all those limitations are eliminated and "recharging" the fuel tank takes all of 5 minutes and doesn't reduce the "charge capacity" as the quick-charge reduce the service life of EVs considerably. It's a matter of physics and chemistry, neither of which can be altered by political wishful thinking.

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EVs are here and the future of transportation.

Tesla has shown it can be done and be successful.

EVs are cheaper to recharge. Cleaner no emissions, no oil changes of any kind, safer, with advance technology that can drive itself with some assistance and will get better over time.

Japan is behind! !

Mr. Akio Toyoda,

Has made dozens of mistakes as well!

He doesn't believe in EVs. Doesn't like electric cars. Was only forced recently by investors to take another look.

Believes in Hydrogen when it's already too late! You should have come out with that technology in the 90s. Electric vehicles are more efficient and better then Hydrogen cars.

EV can also power your house in emergency. You can also recharge your car at home if necessary. Don't need hydrogen plant.

Toyota had Stocks in Tesla worth hundreds of billions today in 2021. They sold the Tesla stocks when only worth a few hundred million thinking they did well and was a good decision.... It Wasn't! Terrible mistake!

You can run Toyota with dinosaurs CEO at the wheel. With people who don't understand the times we're living in. That's why Toyota will do worse and worse over time.

Governments around the world are giving up on fossil fuels and have made pledges to end using them by 2050. Mr Akio didn't receive the message apparently.

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Some good points are made here:

RE: Baseload power use. The USA is near 100% use now with the few EV's now in service. I am told rates are increasing now.

RE: more solar panels. There is cost in energy to produce the panels. A cost to dispose of them. Acost of the resources used to make them. A cost of the pollution to make them. In the end if truly environmentally friendly photovoltaic or some new invention produces electricity more efficiently this is a great solution for all.

Right now I am enjoying global warming. The seas have not risen because there are 6 billion more people on earth than there were 150 years ago. How many gallons does each person hold? Global cooling/ice age will result in vast deserts of cold barren land. People should look at facts before complaining all the time or jumping on the current bandwagon of political rhetoric. Study your physics, geology, history. The earth has been through quite a few cooling and heating phases in the last 5 billionish years.

Probably good to invest in gas companies, utilities, power grid (will need updating) and maybe coal if the demand is what people say it will be.....

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