Ford Fiesta back in Japan despite past failure


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No information about the pro/cons? I see they finally moved the steering wheel. And why don't they have cruise control here?

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People buying imports used to be yakuza and chimpira. The yakuza bought Lincolns and the chimpira bought Firebirds and Corvettes.

Is the Fiesta virtually the same as some Mazda model?

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I think the Fiesta and the Mazda Demio have the same underpinnings.

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It's a small car, fairly reliable and gets gas mileage comparable to Japanese cars in the same class so it's worth a shot to market it in Japan.

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I think one of the problems of the previous Fiesta model was that they were pretty damn ugly.

You could get a better looking small car with better gas mileage that's why they failed.

The paint on Ford cars tend to delaminate rather quickly, too.

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How is it car ownership still plagues society?

The reader may consider examples:, "Zipcar" (the world's largest car sharing and car club service), and Petit-Renta service of Orix Auto Corp.

Having dense populations and little room for car parking ownership is Japan going to go the car share route long term?

Ownership purchase and associated operational costs seem so ignorant one wonders how much longer individuals will entertain this wasteful and pointless exercise.

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Seems overpriced for such a small-looking car.

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You can buy a Demio at half the price, similar characteristics. End of story.

Gaijintraveller, I did't know that all those Benz and BMWs are owned by yakuza and chinpiras. I should ask my boss or some of my doctor friends or my FIL if they are actually yakuza without me knowing.

Japanese cars are excellent. Japanese buy foreign cars for the extra cool element or brand name. Mr. Morita seems to poorly understand the market.

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@paulinusa.... not at 2.29 million yen, you can buy a mid sized family car/van in Japan for that price, as for currency manipulation allegations being voiced by Ford Motor Co headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, and other U.S. automakers. so what do you call the $4 trillion QE that the US has prnted over the last 4 years, causing there currency to crash. fracken hyprocritical morons.

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The current Ford Fiesta is perhaps the last car using a common platform shared with Mazda (the Mazda2, as the Mazda Demio is known outside Japan, also uses this platform). I do think it may sell well, especially the version with the 1.0-liter I-3 Ecoboost engine rated at 128 ps. I wouldn't be surprised that Ford may sell the B-Max in Japan, powered by this Ecoboost engine; the B-Max is very roomy for its size and is small enough to handle the narrow streets of Tokyo and Osaka.

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I can't say I've been in a Fiesta but I have been in small Japanese cars in Japan and while some of you seem to sing praises about every Japanese car, they aren't all fabulous. Many are slow, noisy and have a choppy ride. And I drive a Lexus by the way.

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American cars are lemons, they just fall apart and all the plastic warps

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Ford fiesta not really American. was designed and manufactured first by ford in Europe and then started selling in the US when gas prices started going up and people became more used to seeing smaller cars on the road.

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The modern small fords i've driven back in the UK are generally very good for what they are. The focus and fiesta both drive well and are pretty comfortable. I'm not sure they can compete very well on price in Japan with comparable size cars though.

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I read that the US-spec Fiesta is 40% different from the European version. It would be interesting to know what is being sold in Japan. Also, where is it assembled?

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I learned to drive and passed my test in the 2012/13 European model of the Fiesta... nice car. Then I went an bought an 8 year old Jazz/Fit. Bad move. I didn't even know the Fiesta was sold in America.

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The problem with American cars is that they are basically inferior to Japanese and German cars. Add to that the lack of a dealer network and the fact that corporate US often gives up to soon and leaves the country with a handful of disappointed owners, then it's absolutely no surprise nobody wants to buy them. Same with the Korean manufacturers.

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"it's absolutely no surprise nobody wants to buy them"

I guess you're unaware that GM vies with Toyota as being the world's biggest carmaker and is the most successful carmaker in China, the world's biggest auto market.

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I own a 2012 Ford Fiesta, I may be a little bias but I would argue that in this segment of cars there probably is not a better car than the Ford Fiesta when it comes to how fun it is to drive, different trim/packages it comes in, as well as gas mileage/performance.

The only real negatives are the backseats can be quite cramped and it doesn't have as much cargo space as a Honda Fit when the back seats are lowered.

The 2014 model the top trim line(Titanium) comes with standard features you are just not going to find in that category for the price.

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