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Ford to slash Mazda stake to raise cash


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Next thing we know the CEO will be offering sexual favors for cash.

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Are there really secret investors willing to buy the stake? Mazda haven't invested heavily in the fuel efficient cars of the future and aren't really well placed to weather out the coming storm.

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Didn't even think Mazda still existed

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Ford owns alot of shares not just Mazada, but Honda,Nissan and Suzuki. They also have a tight fist on European cars except Ferrari and BMW. Ford owns/controls to much. it's an monopoly!!! They should not get a blank check or anything. They will not make an Electric car/ or new inventions. They want things just like it was. They don't want change. Let them go bankrupt !!!!

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Mazda has developed a hybrid hydrogen engine. The RX-8 hydrogen is currently being validated in Norway. I think the main reason they haven't started marketing this engine more is the lack of stations. They are leasing some.

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US companies are investing billions in R&D, but I really dont see as much innovation as the Japanese companies.

Also, the service record of Japanese cars is still way higher than any US or European cars which normally run for 2-3 times the price.

This is round two of the Japanese compacts vs. the US Road Hogs, and the result is the same.

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Someone's going to pay those union pensions, might as well be Mazda. Ford, GM et al shot themselves in the foot years ago and even now continue to pay too much to staff in the US who build poor quality, backward engineered, inappropriate cars.

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Wait a minute ain't Ford a auto company and not a stake house???

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I like Fords. For me, Chevys are not good. Ford is good. Dodge is OK. But Toyota is better. Mazda has been riding high because of ford.

Some Union workers are they death of honest Union workers who just want to live a simple life. There are Union employees that retire at 55, receive their full pension, at the same time work at another job. Thus receiving full pay and benefits from both. They own 3 homes, six cars, a boat, a chopper (motorcycle) and travel to Europe 1st class every year on their 2 month paid vacation. Isn't this the American DREAM? Those employees either be cut back or should be dropped all together.

Those auto workers have sucked their industries dry. Lee Iacocca was one of the big dudes allowing this. Like all of us, they need to cut the fat and reduce the waste.

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