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Foreign companies hit as Thai floods curb production


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I'm Thai people. I can tell that now the situation is very serious. The government is suck . the prime minister is the stupid person I ever seen in my life. She should be to fire....They don't have any help.....so stupid government... Before flooding happening...they were going to Cambodia to have a football match......I don't know why they do like that... They were have a time to prepare but they did not do...and when the flooding happen , they just say..."never mind never mind."

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I took my son to get his eyes checked and he needed new glasses and because of this flood the manufacturer of his lenses, Hoya, which has a factory in Thailand, is now weeks behind their regular production, he will not be able to get his new lenses for maybe two to three weeks.

I hope things get back to normal as quickly as possible for everyone in Thailand.

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The government is suck .

The government didn't cause the worst rains in 50 years. Cambodia is suffering similar damage, so it's not fully a function of the government policies.

The news last night said the flood barriers constructed during the past week are holding and preventing greater damage in Bangkok. Thailand should have constructed such anti-flooding infrastructure 10-15 years ago or so. So blame the governments that were in charge back then.

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