Foreign companies in China face growing scrutiny, pressure


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Here’s an idea. Stop manufacturing and don’t invest in China. Invest in your own society and just ship to China and take their money.

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That's what to get for putting down stakes in a "Marxist-Leninist State with Chinese Features" (Beijing's official description).

If you can't stand the heat...

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If you can’t stand gambling at their casino and with their house advantage then just don’t gamble or visit another one.

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Good, do foreign companies want access to a Chinese 1400M market??..

OK, just follow government rules..


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its simple

u want do business at their sole u follow their rules.

you wont comply to their rules no drama,just go next door and try good luck in another country.

as simple as is.

there is "human right" that everyone can freely set up business in China if cant obey their law.

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OK, just follow government rules..

Like the rule that you have to have a Chinese partner who will relaunch as a competitor with your intellectual property.

China should never have been let in the WTO.

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Between the rampant corruption, the intellectual property theft that is just an assumed cost of doing business and of course the possibility of disappearing down a hole without recourse, wouldn’t it be prudent to seek another country out for you low wage labor goods?

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How does that government define corruption? Is that what it is called when a company refuses to pay a bribe?

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How does that government define corruption?

Basically the ones that spoke about about CCP thug rule.

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Good, do foreign companies want access to a Chinese 1400M market??..

I suppose it might have growth opportunities for geriatric aides and adult diapers. The size of the market is declining and aging, the size of the labor force shrinking and labor rates rising. China is not the bonanza it once appeared and Winnie the Pooh appears intent on driving away western firms who have no interest in CCP dogma, having a CCP cell in their workplace with a party thug telling management what they can and cannot do, or risk being arbitrarily shut down and maybe see staff arrested on the whim of some party hack. Firms want stability and the rule of law, both of which are decreasingly present in China.

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