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Foreign firms wary as China launches investment law

By Sébastien RICCI

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Accustomed to unfulfilled promises from the Chinese government, foreign businesses are keeping a wary eye on a nascent law aimed at addressing their long-standing grievances about unfair treatment in the world's second largest economy

YES! Finally people are waking up to the bait-and-switch lies of the CCP.

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China is starting to respect IP rights? I won't hold my breath on this one.

Simply put, China is losing it's competitive edge of cheap labour. It can only manipulate it's currency for so long. I'm happy to see other nations not putting up with their shenanigans any more.

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 I'm happy to see other nations not putting up with their shenanigans any more.

"Other nations," being those headed by Trump and the other populists in power. The globalism-loving mainstream leaders have been all too happy to see a communist authoritarian mercantilism regime dominate the global economy.

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Does anyone "trust" China ? Or should I say the "CCP" as Chinese people, and the CCP are two different things.

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