Foreign holdings of U.S. debt hit record in June


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so... one (japan and china included) buys these US treasury bonds on the premise (risk) that the USA (Fed? or Gov't?) will still be "in business" when the bond matures to pay up.

It's a good deal isnt it?

If you ever get the chance to borrow money in Japan at Japanese interest rates than you too can join the longest running gravy train going. Shake that money maker $$$

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Howard sorry please run that by me again? You think USA wont or might not be in bussiness when the debt matures? Right? 'U.S. government debt is considered one of the world’s safest investments.' I don't know enough about it but I was surprised at that statement the article made also... Then you saying borrow money to invest?

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US debt has been a safe haven for some reason, but that has to end at some stage. Too much debt owned bt foreigners (and not all friendly ones) means a big potential problem for the US in the future.

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@Robert Roo, back to the English textbooks for you my friend. Why not just read my post again instead of asking me to run it by you again? It is pretty clear.

I KNOW the USA will still be in business and hence I say it is a good deal. What dont you understand??. Borrowing from Japan and investing in USA is the oldest cash cow in the business. Giddyup!!

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"Howard Stern" Dont know how u could possibly say that when the us dollar has dropped from 360 yen per 1 dollar to 77 yen per 1 dollar would have to be the lousiest investment known to man. So if you bought 360 dollars they are now worth only 77 dollars. You could take a chance now that the dollar is so low but if you invested at a previous date you lost incredible % If you invested 20 years ago that then 360 yen is now worth 77 yen. Now if you invest the yen is strong but will the dollar continue to depreciate? Maybe it will go to 50 you just dont know.

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@Robert Roo: You just dont get it.

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Wait till America pops, then we will know if it's safe.

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