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Freshened Mazda CX-7 goes on sale


Mazda Motor Corp on Tuesday launched freshened versions of its CX-7 crossover SUV in Japan. The newly facelifted CX-7’s design has been enhanced and refined. The front fascia features a fresh five-point lower grille. Chrome garnish added throughout the interior increases the overall impression of dynamism and quality.

Extensive improvements to the engine, transmission, body and chassis have boosted the CX-7’s acceleration and handling. In addition to the upgraded sporty driving characteristics, the facelifted CX-7 offers two percent better fuel economy compared to the previous model due to improved engine combustion efficiency. Mazda’s engineers also increased body rigidity and reduced engine, road and wind noise, resulting in an improved ride feel and a quieter cabin.

The facelifted CX-7 comes with new eco-friendly features which include a fuel consumption gauge and an “eco-lamp” that encourage economical driving. Newly added advanced safety equipment, such as Mazda’s Rear Vehicle Monitoring (RVM) system and Emergency Signal System (ESS), augments safety for the vehicle’s occupants.

Two model grades are available: the base model CX-7 and the premium CX-7 Cruising Package. Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (including sales tax) range from 2,950,000 to 3,580,000 yen.

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Mazda’s Rear Vehicle Monitoring (RVM) system... Emergency Signal System (ESS)

I wonder if less reliance on these gimmicky gadgets, and better driver education and training would reduce the number of accidents and deaths on Japanese roads...

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Looks better but price is discouraging ?

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There are a number of things that can prevent accidents on Japanese roads, but a limited number of things that any manuafacturer can control. Having a rear view camera on every car might prevent backing into a 2 year old you can't see because his/her head doesn't peak above the trunk. It's likely these features are more for safe manuevering and parking in tight areas and less about prevention of at-speed accidents.

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2.9MY is "discouraging"? Buy a bike.

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It's a pretty nice vehicle but I don't think I've ever seen one here. They sell pretty well in the States but a vehicle of that size without 3rd row seating doesn't cut it in Japan where families usually have only 1 car.

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