From carmakers to refiners, U.S. industries brace for rail strike


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How will this affect the trucking industry? I have friends working in both industries at the moment.

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And what is Biden doing?

Why you ask? This is an issue between the private-sector freight rail industry and their employees. Do you want the federal government to take over and control the industry?

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Suddenly, Democrats go all silent in their support for "collective bargaining" and pro-labour policies. Typical!

Take as much union cash as you can get with one hand, and slap the union members in the face with the other!

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And what is Biden doing?

Where's Mayor Pete?

They were busy behind the scenes and brokered a deal between the two unions and the railroads. The union members received most of the quality of life improvements they were seeking, which was the big sticking point. The unions agreed to a cooling off period where there will be no strike if the union membership does not ratify the new contract.

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Do you want the federal government to take over and control the industry?

Because of the degree to which railroads are Federally regulated (remember the US Government gave those railroads 20 square miles of Federal land for each mile of transcontinental railroad they completed and the Federal government retains title the property under those rail lines) and their importance to the nation Congress has the authority to impose a contract on both the unions and the railroads that is legally binding. Members of Congress are loathe to do so but I imagine if a strike were really to occur, that reluctance would vanish in about a week of the kind of economic disruption a national railroad strike would cause.

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Where's Mayor Pete?

Jeff Lee - the federal government has significant ability to intervene to help broker a deal. i believe one is on the table that JB is not supporting even though some of the unions are.....

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And what is Biden doing?


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it seems that USA is "doing great" under leadership of uncle Joe/irony off/.

its time to impose new sanctions against China and Russia/LOL/.

and dont forget to teach all of us how to live,what to do,what to think,what to talk-as per your narratives.

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