From stocks to crypto, a punishing six months for investors


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I've been avoiding tech and crypto so am relatively OK. The regular dividends from my value stocks and index funds are highly appreciated!

REITs tumbled, gold is flat despite the Ukraine global risk and bonds falling, so few options for investors.

But I sure don't envy holders of crypto, Ark or QQQ, though! Yikes!!!

I expect a slow but steady recovery of the SP500 as the impacts of the Ukraine war and China's covid response ease off.

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Worst S&P 500 performance in 52 years so far this year.

but of course the President and his horrific economic policies shall not be blamed. So gotta make up reasons.

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Americans with stock portfolios

Its not just Americans who own stocks on NYSE or NASDAQ. I have been investing in US stocks for quite a few years now and my portfolio is in the red.

But I have seen worse and the golden rule of investing is to buy when the market is down.

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Yes buy when it is down. considering that it has the potential to go back up. otherwise it’s just “dead money” like investments are now.

no one has that confidence as the confidence metrics are also at 40 year lows. Maybe after the November elections when are out will something change.

q2 GDP is now projected at -2%. Second minus GDP in a row. But Americans need to keep paying gas prices and losing all your investments to support the “liberal world order” says Biden administration.

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its all just a big speculation.dirty speculation.

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The main reasons for the downturn are obvious and stated in the article. Powell, who was appointed by Trump, underestimated the inflation impact and was late in tightening Fed policy. Biden had nothing to do with that.

The previous time the Fed hiked rates was in 2015, when Obama was in office, to choke off emerging inflation. But unfortunately, Trump came to power a couple of years later, fired the cautious and effective Fed chief Yellen and replaced her with lapdog Powell, who then duly lowered rates during a hot economy.

So if we're going to blame a president, it can only be Trump.

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Powell, who was reappointed by Biden.

fixed it for you.

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Who made the inflation that Powell was “late” in responding to? Biden.

who claimed that inflation was transitory? “cautious and effective” Yellen. (and Biden).

sad that you went the lazy and disingenuous route of “but Trump” here.

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And they all thought they were punishing Russia.

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Biden already shot off both feet and he made the next election the easiest victory for Republicans ever.

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lapdog Powell, who then duly lowered rates during a hot economy.

I do recall Powell hiking rates, under heavy criticism from Trump (because inflation was low), only to cut them when the pandemic broke out - at which point Trump said Powell was “Most Improved Player”.

Trump is a moron but Powell was hardly doing his every bidding.

Powell didn’t start to deal with the real bout of (actual) inflation until his reappointment was confirmed, which is interesting.

But Powell is just a self-interested human being like the rest of us.

Personally I think the beginning of the inflation came with the first stimulus in 2020, but unfortunately for Biden politically, the inflation numbers only turned up after he was inaugurated.

But his anti-supply policies deserve much of the blame, and he signed off on more needless stimulus himself, and was only prevented from making it worse by a couple of Democrat senators.

The good thing is that the downturn in the US economy now will be rectified by the Americans over the months and years ahead, so it’s a great time (in the long run) to buy some US stocks now while they are relatively cheap.

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I feel for these rich persons who now have less wealth. Even my government bonds are down.

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Great opportunities to buy good companies at low prices. We will probably continue to go down over the next 6-12 months so nibble a little bit here and there. If your timeline for investing is 5+ years or more you will be happy you bought during this big downturn. Be greedy when others are fearful as Buffet says.

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But his anti-supply policies deserve much of the blame...

That's not what nearly all the companies and industries that are raising prices say. Check the story about the auto industry in the Business section. Nearly all blame the inflation on the global twin supply shocks of Ukraine and Covid/China. Same with the vast majority of economists and analysts.

It's only the right-wing ideologues and politicos who blame Biden.

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Um, you never heard of Larry Summers I guess… not the archetype right wing ideologue… but whatever.

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