Fujitsu initiates year-round recruitment


Fujitsu has announced that it will move to further develop the existing recruitment framework for new graduates, eliminating the application period for the recruitment process that normally ends in August every year. Year-round recruitment will commence for university and graduate students in their final year and for those that have already graduated.

By conducting year-round recruitment, Fujitsu said it aims to further expand opportunities for acquiring diverse talent both in Japan and overseas. Through its efforts to enable job hunting that grants prospective employees a high degree of freedom that matches their personal values, Fujitsu said it hopes this will ensure sufficient time for learning experiences and opportunities to further personal growth.

Fujitsu conducts fair and impartial recruitment activities in accordance with the "Guidelines for Recruitment and Selection" issued by the Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation). Recruitment activities for new employees from fiscal 2021 onward will also be conducted in accordance with the guidelines set by the Japanese government.

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Great. That’s the first domino. Others will follow really quickly, especially when good resources are on the line. Good going, Fujitsu..although I don’t think you’re really the first.

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This is long overdue

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I know a foreigner who worked there. He said it was hell on earth and barely lasted 7 months.

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Sounds good, hopefully more companies follow.

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Which agency handles Fujitsu hires in Tokyo ?

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