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Gaming magnate Adelson bets on himself to win Japan's casino race

By Nathan Layne and Farah Master

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Hm , I dont like Casinos, I dont see any use of that, and the reason why Japan wants to build Casinos is for the sake of money pouring into Japan, so, letting foreign Casinos dominate Japan market would be disastrous .

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Silly waste of time.

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If the bill passes let Japanese companies have a major stake in the casinos built. The money needs to stay in Japan. Or let people buy shares into them.

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The man is too old and infirm to walk on his own, yet he is still bent on quadrupling his already enormous wealth. The word for people like him in Japanese is "yoku-boke" (慾ぼけ), literally "senile greed."

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Casino seems to be no way in Japan as most Japanese think gambling like Las Vegas is so bad for children as long as it is close to schools and playgrounds. Why not build one on one of uninhabited islands?

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Just say no to gambling.

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Might be a good time to invest in Sammy.

If the galapagos mentality seen in the mobile phone market is anything to go by, It would seem to be a safer bet that the casino licenses will go to Japanese companies before they go to foreign companies.

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This is the last thing Japan needs. I don't even know why such discussions are on the agenda.

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At the end of the pitch, Hosoda offered Adelson some advice, the person said. Hosoda told Adelson that Tokyo had its own culture,

In shorth, Japan goverment wants Japan themed Casinos , for tourist , thats the idea behind pushing this Casino bill.

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Japanese Lawmakers should be understood about Casino is not a kind of business any Governments want to do for sake of its citizens and nation. Casino will suck it out more money than you collect tax from them. All of hard earning money of Japanese family will ship out from Japan to US and Australia.

Australian families have been suffering by gambling problems since Casino and Pokie Machines were introduced to Australia. There's no enjoyment and prosperous for Japanese peoples from having Casino in Japan.

If Government wanted to collect more tax from business and then reform Japanese trade practice and hire international expertise for their business if their Company was dealing with international company.

Casino will always win over gamblers and Government. Once Casino was allowed on your nation soil and then you can not drive out evils from your land. If the deal was done with Casino Company and then Journalists should be investigated for whether corruption was involved in deal.

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Adelson’s aggressive, go-it-alone strategy is, however, worrying lawmakers and businessmen who want domestic firms to play a significant role in any casino business. At the same time, rival operators including MGM Resorts International and Wynn Resorts and local firms like slot machine maker Sega Sammy Holdings are also gunning hard for the few licenses expected to be up for grabs.Some of Sands’ competitors have made it clear that they are willing to jointly invest with domestic partners.

He walks in Vegas.

Note: MGM and Wynn are not with his go-it-alone atrategy. All of their wealth are from one industry. Now, Mitsui and Fuji are coming to the scene. Mitsui have so many corporations - over 80? There are many corporations thankful to Mitsui that helped them stay alive when their industry went down. Friend corporations. Then there are corporations that Mitsui financed and later it go independent. Toyota, for example. Toshiba is Mitsui's corporation. Japanese culture meant this Mitsui custom? Used to be Mitsui Mitsubishi Sumitomo before 1945.

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You guys, Casino in Japan is a bad idea and it is not a smart move for Japanese long term economic prosperity. You need to weigh a pro/con on this issue as the social cost is enormous.

BTW, be alert that Adelson is a scumbag. If you let this guy win, he will start manipulating Japanese Oyagi politicians for his financial gain. He is one of the biggest financial contributors in US politics. Be alert and stay smart when dealing with him. I do not see anything positive about Casino in Japan.

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I don't know many Japanese that gamble but I know that the Chinese like to In Asia it is the Chinese that buoy casinos not the Japanese

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@kurispisu: The target of those huge casino-hotels are Northern wealthy Chinese. These proposing legalizing casinos in Japan already made Macao No 1 gambling city in the World. (Las Vegas had been until Macao sprouted) Japanese people. wealthy people gamble in Yakuza group operating tobakuba (gambling arenas). Their territories are calle niwaba. The income of gaming is called tera-sen. Because years ago, the gambling arenas were operated in large rooms of tera (temples). Japanese gamb;ing is hanafuda or /and mah nong, not poker. There was a time Nintendo was hanafuda (48 cards) distributor. Yakuzas must be mad at this casino proposals. Japanese Govt was going to create Gaming Control Board similar to Nevada GCB. BTW, There is no State Income Tax in Nevada. Of cause these Casino hotels pay huge business tax. People in Nevada do not know benefit of sales tax but once in a while some people propose voting on sales tax.

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toshikoMar. 04, 2014 - 05:02AM JST There is no State Income Tax in Nevada. Of cause these Casino hotels pay huge business tax. People in Nevada do not know benefit of sales tax but once in a while some people propose voting on sales tax.

Besides that, main income for the State of Nevada is that all individual that wins in excess of $1,200 or greater will have to pay federal tax (considered income tax), in which State of Nevada gets a large chunk of the federal money and a large chunck of money is allocated to Nevada in exchange for no state tax.

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We are not concerned how State operate financially as long as we don't have to pay State Income Tax. Of cause we pay Fed, Income tax,

so, Walmart heirlesses and some billionaires along with wealthy entertainers have residence in Southern Nevada. But cdon;t try to buy mansions around there. Their houses have elevators and 6 or more bathrooms. Very Cheaper than Hollywood Hills or Beverly Hills or Newport Beach,

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Don't care muck for gambling. Still, every single gambler from Japan that I've ever met thinks Vegas is Mekkah, when it comes to gambling.

So, unfortunately, Adelson is probably right. Which is too bad. Because he is a right wing @$$hole.

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Adelson did not support right wing Tea Party candidate Sharon Angle and Reid won US Senate seat. He is just a Republican.

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