Ukraine crisis sparks surge in gas prices

By Tim Witcher

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About time, this Kabuki dance with Biden and Putin took forever to reach this desired conclusion.

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Better fill up the Supra today.

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I've been there....contracted for a year. Hope you can stand 40-50 C

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Russia is simply the gas station to the world. It is time for the world to get off the pump. China is next!

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"Fools rush in where angel fear to tread," wrote Alexander Pope. Let up hope higher prices at the pumps will be the worst we'll have to face.

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Another thought. The next time you are at the gas pump and hemorrhage at the price, ask yourself whether you like capitalist Putin or aspiring Euro-Communist Gorbachev better.

The mess now regarding Ukraine did not happen under Gorbachev.

What you are seeing now began with the overthrow of Gorbachev. Something to think about next time you fill up.

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It is time for the world to get off the pump. China is next!

of course, China is already on its way 20% of all new car sales in China are EV,

most new evs consume 15~20kwh per 100km, so depending when you charge,at night when electricity is cheapest youre looking at around 300~400yen of charge to travel 100km, no hybrid or gas car comes even close to that. In the US night rates are around 7cent per kwh in some states, so imaging driving 60miles for less than 2$. yeah understand now why Teslas are so popular with 280 mile range per charge.

Meanwhile Toyota still flogging the hydrogen horse and thinking hydrids are the future

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What do you think they use to generate electricity?

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What do you think they use to generate electricity?

in countries like Denmark and NZ theyre nearly all hydro electric, In Japan its Nuclear and even solar is becoming more prevalent. As countries move away from coal gas , EVs will become far more important in the future for CO2 emissions. If you buy an EV its smart to invest in solar panels also, you can effective charge your car during the day and cheaper electric at night off peak rates

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Using electric cars does not result in a greater consumption of oil and gas even if oil and gas and coal is used to generate electricity as pointed out. Simply put gas cars use more gas than electric cars. EV is the future as pointed out.

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Filled up yesterday. I paid 179 Yen/liter for high octane.

I'll need to pick up some kerosene before it goes up even further.

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Meanwhile Toyota still flogging the hydrogen horse and thinking hydrids are the future

Toyota is smart. Piston engines burning hydrogen, ammonia or a combination of these will power ships, aircraft and long distance road travel. Batteries do not have the ability to power ships half way around the world or power big freight trains across the US, Canada, Australia or China for example. Batteries are not going to replace internal combustion for most long haul trucking. Wartsila among others are closer than most realize to having sorted out which fuel or combination of fuels will power ships. Plants are being built right now in the EU to produce both ammonia and hydrogen using only renewable energy sources placed on site. No, they cannot operate 24/7/365. They make product when the sun shines and the wind blows, but they are edging towards making enough during those times to be able to legitimately produce commercial quantities of zero carbon fuels for use in transportation.

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Banks are refusing to write letters of credit for the purchase of Russian oil and gas, and ship owners are refusing to enter Russian waters to load. Right now at least the Russians cannot move their energy outside of their borders except in limited circumstances.

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