German factory races to churn out COVID-19 syringes

By Jean-Philippe LACOUR

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There’s no need to hurry. We won’t need our first one until March.

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My mother 93 years old was just diagnosed with covid-19 and put in quarantine. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I think we will all eventuality get the virus and some of us will survive. Thank you China. Good luck and God bless.

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I think we will all eventuality get the virus and some of us will survive.

Are you talking about "all" in reference to your countrymen or something? Because it's certainly not accurate for the rest of the planet. Most of us come from countries not filled to the brim with low-intelligence anti-vaxxers. People in countries where most will get it have some serious first-world entitlement problems.

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Although the news is full of stories of the horrors surrounding this pandemic, and rightly so, it is nothing short of amazing how well the scientists have responded to this problem. To get multiple vaccines in less than a year is almost beyond belief. Perhaps the Nobel Prize committees should consider some special awards for the health care workers who have fought so hard to keep us alive, and the scientists who made the vaccines possible. The United Nations and the WHO could hold special sessions in which these heroes are recognized.

As for the world leaders who called this pandemic a hoax, and said we should all catch the virus, I have nothing good to say about them.

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