Global economic crisis hits China's exporters


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WOW! $240 a month? What a bargain!!

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Still, China has no rivals so far economic growth is concerned and that will last atleast for a decade. Cash in whoever wants to :)

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Like I have been saying for a few years, explode, implode or both, which do you think it will be?!?!

With the currency finally going up, inflation, economy going down, the property/housing bubble, will 2012 be the year it hits the fan in China? Make no mistake its coming, only question is when.

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Such a high inflation indicates that the central Chinese bank is flooding the country with more and more printed notes, like the Fed. But with the prices of raw materials going up faster than wages, that spells trouble.

such a quick rise in the cost of living was one of the causes of the whole Tienman square fiasco. I wonder if China would have the same response were such a demonstration to happen today.

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China is now going through a phase other countries have experienced before. But I do think the gap between the haves and have-nots in China is too large and this will lead to social unrest.

Minimum wage $240 a month? Not strange in a country whose economy is gaining momentum. I remember Japan in the 1960s. University graduates got paid 20,000 yen in their first jobs. I got a job that paid 40,000 p/m.

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don't forget economically we are all joined at the hip, if China explode, implode or both, what do you think will happen to other " weaker" economy ? Be careful of what you wish for........................ cheers

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I aint wishing for it, just predicting it, not the same thing!

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India & Vietnam shared respectively ~ 10% & ~ 20% of inflation rate in 2011, on other hand, China's figure stood at ~6% . Hence, it sounds manageable on this chapter for China. The other key sector of infrastructure / housing investments have been restricted by declining bank loan availability. Uncertainties remain to be watched are domestic consumption & exports -- the Chinese seem not fond of spending money they have not yet earned &, except housing, not tempted by borrowing for purchases..

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****Re: China will implode or explode soon!

As Chinese, we can tell you outrightly that it's impossible for China to implode or explode within 30years ahead.

The foundamental reason is that the CCP is not idiot, they have nearly finished the cover of social insurance to majority of populace, the majority are benefited from the reform from 1979, they are ascending from poverty to middle class, they will not risk of loss for all.

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So, even there are glaring social problems, the CCP will hold power for a longer time, even we young Chinese hate CCP, but we can't overthrow them to be deprived of wealth overnight.

But CCP is disgusting, it's very true, we don't like them, but we can't bring down them, the best solution is reform.

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And China is a disparate country, the rich zone and the poor zone, the rich zone is well developed but affacted by the global crisis, since this zone are mainly export-oriented along the coastline.

But now, the poor zone are rise to catch up the rich zone, the poor zone will become the driving force for the continual rise of China, which will last for at least two decades.

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