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Global EV sales to jump 35% to record 14 million units in 2023: IEA


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It'll go up MORE than 35% if history's any guide, like last 10 years of CAGR of +50%

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China is not accomplishing anything, unless they power their electric grid with clean energy. Powering EVs with electricity made by burning coal is moronic.

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A little info left out, global car sales in general.

Statista say 67.2 million car sold in 2022 an increase of 5 million.

Two other sources claim 75 million no change from 2021 and 85 million an increase of 4 million over 2021.

In any case at the lowest 67.2 million this means 53.3 million were ICE cars.

14 million us what was reached with millions of dollars of government subsidies to buyers, increased regulations threatening to eventually force you to buy EV.

So despite the laws, the subsidies the regulations, ICE card are still selling more.

I have pointed this out many times, if EV are so good and are practical, with the needs to give people money to buy them, today a Nissan Leaf is the same price as a Toyota Prius of the same size and category, but still requires monetary incentives for people to buy one.

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No EV is "green " if the electricity required to charge the massive non-ecological battery is from fossil fuels.

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It is easier to control emissions at 200 locations than at 20,000,000 locations, yes?

It is easier to legislate emission controls at centralized plants than at every vehicle in a country. It may be a step sideways, but having vehicles with zero emissions is a step in the right direction, assuming they don't catch on fire all the time.

China is building more coal power plants yearly than the rest of the world combined. Of course, they don't publicize the "green" power plants, trying to gain "face". Redirection.

People need to learn that "better than before" is better than nothing. Nothing is perfect and when it comes to power generation, there will be thousands of intermediate steps, each a slight improvement over the past methods, to get to the methods that produce the least emissions overall. There won't be a magical day in our lifetimes when we all have a "Mr. Fusion" power generator at home that accepts any materials to product massive amounts of energy.

Doing nothing is part of the problem for all of us.

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