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GM tells dealers to stop selling Cruze sedans with Takata air bags


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where are the US bashers now?

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Good point Harshana. But why would GM even consider buying the known unsafe Takata Japanese airbags? Just to save 12 bucks vs the impeccable TRW ones? It just hurts their reputation like when they had to recall and remove those cheesy Denso made in Japan power steering motors in Cobalts 3 years ago. Why not negotiate with higher quality Euro or American suppliers than taking the lowest bids from sketchy ones like Takata and Denso?

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Are air bags so complicated? All modern cars have them, why was this company so inept? Inept on a global scale.

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When will be Takata going declare for bankruptcy protection?

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@harshana dont need to bash GM there doing it all by themselves, just look at all the recalls from the ignition switch problems and class action lawsuits against them for the deaths theyve caused, oh and all the execs they fired because of the coverups. GM isnt the pride of the USA they once were.

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