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GM to cut more than 1,000 U.S. jobs tied to small cars


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Fuel must be too cheap i guess

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Ramping up production for the Japanese market... oh wait...

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GM and Chevy sales are up for the first quarter of 2018. However, GM sells more vehicles in China (roughly 3 million in US, and 4 million in China, for 2017) than it does in the US, and talk about a trade war may hurt GM in the long run.

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Large cars are safer in accidents. more false facts,vehicles like 4x4 have chassis rails that are solid rigid the harder the car the more impact itll transfer to the body of the passenger, cars that are designed to crumple are the vehicles that reduce serious injuries to the passenger. most safety awards are given to sedans/wagons not 4x4 trucks or large SUVs. https://cascadecollision.com/blog/safest-cars-road-2017/

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Perhaps GM should learn that more sales comes from respecting and satisfying the customer. I realize this is foreign to their normal attitude that 'whatever we build they will buy' but that's an obsolescent view.

GM has traditionally made cars that were crap, that did things customers didn't want, that performed poorly, and had lousy paint jobs. Some of that is better now but their attitude hasn't varied. Arrogance and ignorance are their watchword.

So when they shut down due to poor demand, they might come to understand that it's not an industry wide phenomenon, but their own problem.

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Last year,, my son purchased a brand new GM car. Then when he drives me to places I want to go,, he helps me to place my left foot in passenger side floor,, carry me on the seat, then instruct me to pull me back, then he put me on seat belt, I adjust my body back, he shuts the door from outside. Getting out is another hussle. I think GM makes cars for 6 feet tall men.

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Japanese brand name cars have been manufactured in USA. Tennessee has Nissan, Kentucky has Toyota for decades. All Japanese car makers use automated factory process.

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