Goldman Sachs scales down prime brokerage business in Japan


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Good riddance. Please remember to turn off the lights in Roppongi Hills before departing for Narita.

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As usual, rats desert a sinking ship. Vultures were not able to find more dead carcass.

You will not be missed, evil bank.

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The brokers are broke these days.

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Prime brokerage is only one segment of their business. I don't think they're leaving Japan completely.

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Starbucks is going to lose some customers.

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One more company voting with its feet. Japan will be one big nursing home with no real economy in 10 years. It's already lost its status as 2nd largest economy and it's on what, 25 years of recession? I know Virtuosso wasn't meaning it this way but the lights are literally going out on Japan. It won't be mourned except by the few Japanese that are left, "gamers", and a few other dorks who can't get laid anywhere else.

Ah I'm just kidding, you know I love you Japan . . .

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hope that the rest of the finance industry parasites depart with their tails between their legs hot on your trail...

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Now, back to business without this gougers.

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I've got a bus driver's licence - I'll drive you to the airport.

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This is bad news. High salaries going to Asia. They were paying a lot in taxes, probably worth 10 english teachers

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